Modern boats and seat postions

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Modern boats and seat postions

Post by flashollie »

So just outfitting my new medium Nomad.

When outfitting each new boat I've had I'd always sat in upright on the flat water and made sure the trim was even or maybe slightly nose lower to aid the ole skool British way of hitting every tiny eddy.

Then I got a Raptor and the world changed now more micro eddies. Drive forward or die. The idea was to push the seat far back as the boat was designed to engage the backend more and get away from the nastiness. Crazy times indeed.
Once I got used to the more wondering nose and shifted my weight about more to counteract this, it did seem to aid it's speed on landings and when driving the boat hard. I grew to like it alot and adapted my paddling to access the boats characteristics to feel more confident, in control and having more fun.

And now if you think Brexit was a crazy, that's nothing are we seeing even more crazy times in boats. The recent flurry of new quick and even bigger boats Tuna, 9R Nomad Granite etc do these paddle from the back middle front or all over the hull? Clearly how you set your own boat up is very subjective and down to a matter of personal taste. Yet I'd hope the designers had an area of the hull that should be in the water for optimum performance at different times and scenarios on the river.

Is that achieved by setting the trim even?

To me there certainly was a change in how the paddling style moved on for us normal boaters about the time when the Raptor came out with emphasis on speed and getting the boat to plane from the back allow the nose to ride over features easier. Its perhaps chicken and egg, are we seeing another shift in paddling style influenced by the new boats and the extreme races or do these boats allow the big boys to do what they have been trying to do previously in less able craft?

I've stuck the seat in the middle for now I'm 83kg butt naked and it's the medium-size and will try that out soon at CIWW to see what I prefer.
It would be nice to hear how others have got on and what the current thinking from the boat designers might be about how we can set up the boats to help us weekend warriors adjust our paddling styles and to get the best from the boats we buy.

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Re: Modern boats and seat postions

Post by Chalky723 »

I always had the seat in the middle in my Tuna, but recently I've moved it forward - I've lost about 13kg in past year & found I was having to lean forward a lot more than I used to so thought I'd move the seat & see how that worked out.

I'm pleased with the results at the moment, but it's early days....

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Re: Modern boats and seat postions

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For years I had the seat all the way forward on almost all my boats (I paddle lots loaded) but now I have the seat back, even when loaded - still don't sprint.

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Re: Modern boats and seat postions

Post by Myles »

I was also wondering about this having recently also got a medium Nomad. I currently have the seat about 2/3rds of the way forward, mainly because that's where it was when it arrived and I haven't moved it yet.

I've been out once like that and the trim looked okay but I think I will move it back to a more central position. Was first time boating in a month so not a proper test.

I'm about 85kgs and paddled an old large Nomad for 5 years before using a Tuna for the past 12 months.

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Re: Modern boats and seat postions

Post by Neptune »


I too have recently got myself a new medium Nomad 8.6 having had three Nomad 8.5's in succession. I have short legs (27" inside leg) so initially moved the seat as far forward as it would go, just like I did in the previous three Nomads.

Like the previous three Nomads the new medium 8.6 needs to be bossed about and driven like the 8.5 did, so having the seat forward allows me to lean forward and drive the boat. I have found it faster than the old model and more responsive when driven and is very snappy when driven into an eddy.

However the characteristics of how the boat paddles and behaves on the water is unperceptively different from the 8.5. It is those very subtle differences in the way that it feels, moves and responds when I am paddling it that I cannot quite put my finger on or describe. It just feels, moves and responds subtly differently.

I have adjusted the seat position and outfitting the last twice I have had it on the water but moved the seat back to the forward position as it appears to suit the way I paddle best and the boat responds to me leaning forward and driving it. I currently weigh just over 90Kg. and did demo the large Nomad 9 on three separate occasions but felt that it was way to big for me.

You will have to make these outfitting adjustments for yourself and see which suits you best when you have it out on the water.


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Re: Modern boats and seat postions

Post by Yew »

I had the seat in my raptor all the way forward, to make it super easy to engage those bow rails. (I did try moving it back, the day before I cracked it :( ) However with my tunas seat in the middle, I keep thinking moving it a little bit back would be a good call?

So in conclusion, I guess it depends on the boat and the paddler?

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