There was Canoeists and Anglers

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There was Canoeists and Anglers

Post by morsey »

Now there are so many fishing sit on tops, we have become one.

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Re: There was Canoeists and Anglers

Post by damppaddler »

How can that work? According to the fishermen kayaks scare fish away

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Re: There was Canoeists and Anglers

Post by John K »

These anglers sitting on a lock pontoon on the Medway didn't seem concerned about the boat traffic, both paddle and powered. Given that they actively chose the spot most likely to accumulate boats, maybe we actually attract fish?

They were set up on an area clearly signed "no fishing", but we all managed to get along fine.


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Re: There was Canoeists and Anglers

Post by SimonMW »

It makes for hilarious reading of some Angling Trust statements saying how being in a kayak offers new opportunities for fishing on the one hand, but on the other, people who don't have a rod in their boat scare the fish away.

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Re: There was Canoeists and Anglers

Post by jmmoxon »

The ghillie on Halton rapids used to reckon that the fishing was better when kayaks were playing on the river, as they moved the fish around.

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Re: There was Canoeists and Anglers

Post by buck197 »

When a river is clear then fish are generally more cautious in coming out of cover as they are more visible to their predators. If a kayak or kayaker disturbs the bottom of a river and colours the water with a muddy cloud then the fish can become more confident plus food on the bottom maybe moved. So disturbances on a river can help fishing.
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