River Kiachnish

Rivers 'near' Fort William
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River Kiachnish

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Re: River Kiachnish

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Paddle this on 15/09/2013, flow at what would appear to be high.

Several trees down, 2 about 2km into the river, easily passable going right then left, 1 much further down in the gorge which we could paddle over on the far right but maybe not if the level wasn't so high.

Watch out for the wire across the river shortly after the confluence, it's just on a left hand bend, and at the level we paddled it at the wire was touching the river in the middle but passable on the left.

We took about 5 hours to complete the river as we were getting out a lot and inspecting until we could see the next eddy big enough for us all, wouldn't recommend a group bigger than 6, eddys are scarce and visibility was often only 30m because of trees and bends.

Once in the gorge things become a lot more fun, some really nice steep drops with some awesome boiley cushions to add to the fun.

The river opens up a bit once out of the gorge and feels like you're near the end until the last major falls almost takes you by surprise, inspect on river right, one of our group ran it, hit the line we all wanted and got eaten by the falls and took a swim, thankfully rescuing his own boat and paddle or it would have been tricky to get a rescue down to him.

After this last major falls the river is fun read and run until the Loch.

Fantastic run, well worth the effort, take your time and have fun!

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Re: River Kiachnish

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Neil Robinson (28/03/16) - Paddled the Kiachnish on Saturday - there's a couple of trees in one of the nice rapids at the top of the 2nd gorge - you can't see them from above without getting out - they could ruin your day - if in doubt have a look !
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