River Leny - A84 layby to Lade Inn

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River Leny - A84 layby to Lade Inn

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Re: River Leny - A84 layby to Lade Inn

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If anyone is continuing down the Leny to the car park at Callander or indeed starting a run on the Teith at the Lade Inn put in be aware that there are trees right across the river width at Sheet 57 grid 617078. It is a difficult corner to get out in a hurry and you are on the trees very quickly and if the level is high they are a potential killer

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Re: River Leny - A84 layby to Lade Inn

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The SCA guide and the Pesda mini-guide both say that the SEPA gauge needs a minimum of 0.7m but then don't give any clue as to what the river will be like with this gauge any higher. The guide levels given are for a visual gauge at the take-out, which is no help until you've driven there (by which time, if on your way home from further north, you've passed all the alternatives) and presumably doesn't go up and down by the same amounts as the SEPA gauge...

Anyone know what's a good not-too-scary level on the SEPA gauge and what SEPA level is similar to the 4+ "Falls and gorge now grade 5" level ?

Thanks, Andy

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Re: River Leny - A84 layby to Lade Inn

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If you portage the falls/gorge, the river never really rises above grade4. It is quite continuous above the falls, so if you are running it for the first time, parking at the falls and walking up to see the eddies is worthwhile - it means you can enjoy the section down to the falls! However, if paddling down, look out for the old railway bridge pillars, they indicate the run in to the falls. Below the falls there are the S-bends, 3 or 4 stoppers - they can be run almost anywhere, but the easiest line is right for the first one, section of flat moving water, then left left left. On the way down, you can see the big rock at the bottom, I sometimes, if taking that line look for the small branch hanging down to point me to the left chute! All this can be seen from the road. Below that it is easyish grade3 and safe to Callander.

As for levels, others will be more knowledgeable, but from memory, it runs from 0.6- 1.0 and most locals would run the right (waterfall) side of the falls, above 1.0, the left rocky ramp becomes nicer. I am not a fan of the right, was once reciculated in highish water against the central rock several times and managed to pick up 3 stitches in my eyebrow - not even as much fun as it sounds!

In summary, almost always runnable above 0.6, take care approaching the falls in higher water levels. It is fed by a reasonably large loch, so levels are generally delayed after rain and maintain levels longer than other rivers.
Neil Farmer.

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Re: River Leny - A84 layby to Lade Inn

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Hi folks,
Today (20/2/15) there was a tree in the wee drop at the end of the gorge below the falls. At today's levels it went fine over the river left rock, but a lower levels the normal river right channel would be completely blocked. Easy to see from the river bank as long as you stop to inspect.


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Re: River Leny - A84 layby to Lade Inn

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Some info on the Falls after the floods in December/January:

From George Fell - Falls of Leny, left of the island - there's a bit of walkway fallen into the river left. Easy to avoid, but it is just where folks end up if it's all going a bit wrong for them. Looks to have a bit of pinning potential if you are hard river left at that point. Sorry no pictures - I'm a luddite.

Pictures from Jason Sharp -


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