lidl ceiling bike storage

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lidl ceiling bike storage

Post by CharlieS »

Just come back from Lidl with a pulley system for storing your bike on the ceiling. Five wheels, and apparently good for 20kg of weight for £4.99.
Wondering if I should have bought two combined to take the weight of one sea kayak?

May be cheap and easily broken. Might be useful.


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Re: lidl ceiling bike storage

Post by p.r.unicycles »

Just don't attach the hooks on to the handles, Sea kayak handles aren't actually designed to hold the weight of the boat for a prolonged period of time, maybe make up some sort of sling to distribute the weight.
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Re: lidl ceiling bike storage

Post by spiderman »

Been using similar Aldi ones for a while now. Replaced the iffy cord with 8mm rope, and fashioned strap slings. Mounted 2 pairs approx 6ft apart on my shed ceiling directly over where i park my car. Raises and lowers 2 boats straight onto/off the roofrack. The business.
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Re: lidl ceiling bike storage

Post by Chris329a »

I just use cam straps screwed into the garage beams.....costs hardly anything and they hold about 200lb each...


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