Giedd Treefest

South of Severn/ Rheidol catchment
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Giedd Treefest

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Walked the Giedd today just to see if it was clear and ,no its not , quite a few trees down across the river in the lower area before the picnic area .The top section besides the forestry isnt much better either , a few trees and a log jam .
Sorry for the poor quality in some of the photos as it was a crappy wet day. ... 4414d1878e ... 5babd8fcc4

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Re: Giedd Treefest

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Six of us tried this today ( Saturday 22nd December2012 ). As stated tree infested ditch. With less water and some limbo action , longer stretches may be paddleable ,but today i did about 2 minutes paddling the whole section , walked the rest. We had a couple of pins , and slippery banks lost a boat to.

Hopefully some of us will clear some of it out in the summer , but there is a lot to do , seems such a great river to lose!

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Re: Giedd Treefest

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Anyone run this recently?

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