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Mark R
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PYB Creeking course

Post by Mark R »

I was told a story (from a credible source) about a fellow who turned up at a Plas Y Brenin 'Intro to Creeking' course this year.

They wouldn't let him wear his helmet, which was manufactured by these folk.

Were they right?
Mark Rainsley

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Post by zezayer »

yes, i know someone who had the same story on their steep creeking course.

It was because they dont have CE safety standards.
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Liquid Porn
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Post by Liquid Porn »

If its not CE tested, from an insurance point of view I can see their point. They might want to ammend thier kit list to "CE certified white water helmet" if they are going down that road.

Would they turn me away wearing a helmet from these guys FNA Headgear

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Gath helmets

Post by Terryg »

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Pete the kayaker
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Post by Pete the kayaker »

I suspect it may have been on the grounds of taste rather than safety ;)

BTW what a particularly tedious website.

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Post by Daffers »

I was told that they were surfing helmets... You wouldn't want a visor over your face for creeking - that smashes and you loose your eyes (possable).

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Post by walkerdavid »

I saw someone wearing one at Langolen the other weekend.
Look fairly 'unusual' - i'm not too sure how safe it is for creeking though - espically with the full face visor.

The problem with not allowing them - might be just to do insurance.
Although if they went on the course and got hurt (as a result of the helmet) - who's fault would it be? The owner for not wearing a CE approved helmet or PYB for allowing this to happen?

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Liam Kirkham
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Post by Liam Kirkham »

sorry cant give my petty opinion -my patience was only able to withstand the first 20 seconds of the flash intro, i then turned it off.

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Post by ChrisMac »

I think they are correct. If they are offering a course in the UK then they have to make sure its CE approved kit. As long as they make this clear when booking

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Post by ol »

I was on the course you mention, and the guy was a friend of mine.

Yes he was told that he would not be able to paddle unless he wore a helmet from the centre (Something which i happen to agree with) and this led to quite a bit of debate between my friend and the instructor, and ever such a small 'grudge' over the next few days when said friend had to wear what he thought a mingin old manky lid. LOL!

His was the older surf-type helmet which Mr A wears, not the excruciatingly laughable Topgun jet pilot helmet they have bought out now which sadly i can't find a picture of.

The thing which i just don't get with these helmets is the forehead protection. What do you get? some 5mm neoprene.???



Gath Disclaimer

Post by jimcfadyen »

Gath Helmets Trade Off a percentage of impact absorption for a more close fitting layer of defence to better suit high performance extreme sports.

Gath protects against the more frequent sporting head injury caused by glancing blows rather than from a direct head first "crash" into a fixed solid object, where serious injury is likely to occur regardless of helmet.
Not sure I would want any trade off when my head is near rocks..



Post by herbert »

If you are not willing to make any trade-off whatsoever then you'll want one of these

Steve B
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Re: Gath Disclaimer

Post by Steve B »

jimcfadyen wrote:Not sure I would want any trade off when my head is near rocks..
All safety equipment design involves trade-offs. Even the one which everybody scoffs at but *everyone* takes into account - cost. And also "wearability". It's no good having a stronger helmet if it is so heavy or uncomfortable that you can't wear it.
Steve Balcombe

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Post by Tom_Laws »

I'm inclined to agree with the not wearing it thing. If the insurance for PYB (or any other centre) says, hats must be CE then, at that centre, Hats must be CE....

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