Tees Barrage

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Tees Barrage

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Don't know if this subjects been done to death yet. I've had a search on the forum but can't find everything. But the question is when is the Teesside white water course reopenning? Went to the tadpole tonight for a meal and had a quick look. The plastic blocks that where stacked on the side last May don't seem to have moved.


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Re: Tees Barrage

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This seems to have all the current news

http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/foru ... =3&t=74192

Surprised you didn't see it.

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Re: Tees Barrage

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I was up there a few weeks ago and asked in the shop. Aparently there sorting all the "snags". The shop thought it would be around september!

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Re: Tees Barrage

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As I put on the previously mentioned thread:
Hi, the bottom of the course has been emptied by British Waterways to remove the penstock gates so they can be repaired and then reinstalled. Installation is currently scheduled around the 24th August. Once this has been completed we hope to have a definite date for opening. Fingers crossed it won’t be long.

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