Gorge walking access

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Jay Oram
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Gorge walking access

Post by Jay Oram »

Just been reading all of the access issues threads on a lot of fishing forums and have noticed that the argument

'Gorge walking' has been found to damage a river environmentally and therefore it has no access to rivers and is causing a problem with access to rivers for paddlers and such like.

Is this true?
has evidence in SAFFA 1975 been found against gorge walking?

Hoping to really get ionto instructing gorge walking and so on, as well as other outdoor activities - any insight would be great.


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Re: Gorge walking access

Post by jmmoxon »

Many gorge walking rivers are too steep for salmon to swim up, so don't seem to attract as much attention as paddlers e.g. fishermen seem to be happy for gorge walkers and paddlers to be on the Mellte, whilst the neighbouring Nedd Fechan is much more contentious (obviously some gorge walking rivers are contested)

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The Walnut Cracker
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Re: Gorge walking access

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Check out this video clip, give you a bit more of an appreciation that it is not only fish and fishing that needs to be considered.


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