TNP Rapa kayak paddle.

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TNP Rapa kayak paddle.

Post by willbailey »

after buying some new gear for the forthcoming winter i am after a new paddle but of course there is a budget it is only 60 -£70 after scouring the web i found this and it seems like a decent paddle for the money does anyone have one or know anyone that has one would be grateful of any input cheers will.....
or if anyone has a ww paddle for sale ... ts_id=1317

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Re: TNP Rapa kayak paddle.

Post by plopster256 »

We brought a load for our freshers to use, and they didn't like them one bit!

According to some the blades are not very stiff and the shaft are not very grippy - I would however try them out and see what you think!


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Re: TNP Rapa kayak paddle.

Post by denchy1 »

Id go for a second hand set of glass werner straights ull find them knocking around for £70 to 80 ish.Youll be alot more happy in the long run. The difference in paddling quality is enormous.

eg ... RS#p489028

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Re: TNP Rapa kayak paddle.

Post by robbi »

Been using tnp rapa glass fibre paddles for over 3 years now, the shafts and blades are strong and durable and feel fine,.. not quite as stiff as Werner's but 1/3 of the price.. blade size is good I cannot see any detriment over them v Werner's ... Maybe the students were using alloy shafts?

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Re: TNP Rapa kayak paddle.

Post by twicezero »

I'm guessing in the the last 9 years they may have changed their designs a bit? :)

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