RIVER KENNET (County Weir)

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RIVER KENNET (County Weir)

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You looking for them right now or just generally? I've been with a mate 3/4 times so far over the summer, and may go again in next week, but have started moving towards hurley instead. Last time we went to county weir it was retentive enough for spins in the (tiny) wave, and that was without much rain. Havent been for 3 weeks or so. Can probably go there again within next week if you want more information/pictures

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Ok, just read the general post. I'll give a general update for the weir:

NAME OF RIVER: Kennet, in Reading.

WHERE IS IT?: There is a weir that makes a reasonable beginner weir about 500 metres upstream from the point where the river bisects the Oracle shopping centre. Follow signs for the Oracle off the Reading IDR.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: There are two main options I know of, firstly is getting in at the wier, walk upstream from the Oracle, preferably on the left side of the river, and get in somewhere around the lock.

However, the second option which I generally use, is to go to Wokingham Canoe Club and put in there, paddle upstream for 500m, then paddle 3-4km up slow moving water to the weir. You will have to portage up blakes weir, go right around the island until you see a portage sign on left. Carry on paddling through the Oracle (with hundreds of people staring, taking photos and videos) and you will soon get to the wier. You can possibly shoot Blakes weir on the way down, right in the middle of the steps is the only route. Or you can portage back down again

APPROX LENGTH: Just a playspot, I wouldn't bother paddling along the Kennet, yawn!

TIME NEEDED: Depends on how long you want to play. If you go from Wokingham Canoe Club, it takes about 30 mins upstream and about 15 mins back downstream.

ACCESS SITUATION: No-one has ever bothered me. I think you need a license for the canal which I believe is covered by BCU membership. There's not really anybody you can annoy, just don't get run over by the occasional bargeboats

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: At summer levels this is just a trickle and a bit rocky, during high flows, it can reach the top of the bricks and then it becomes a bit more fun!

GRADING: 2 at high flows.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The weir forms a stopper at all levels. When low, it is probably just enough to play in, but when it reaches the top brick course on the bank, it can form quite a nice stopper, straight and open all the way across, and the 45 degree wall on the right hand (downstream) bank means that you should never become stuck.

OTHER NOTES: An eddy forms about 2/3 of the way across the river, on the right hand side, about a metre behind the weir, which is useful for getting back in the wave, and in low levels a recirculating eddy forms about 2m wide on the right bank.

We've seen firemen do throwline practice here before. Smile, and wave :-)

Edit: Guide by Stephen Brown

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Hi Mark - please delete this post as I've done the update.



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Re: RIVER KENNET (County Weir)

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Some pics of Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue training at County Weir here:
http://riverkennet.blogspot.com/2010/02 ... -weir.html

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