Clyde - is it really this huge?

Rivers south of Glasgow
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David Martin
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Clyde - is it really this huge?

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from sepa (WTW)

Has anyone been there recently? Broken gauge? Couple of guys in my club are planning on doing some NSR training later this week so would be helpful to know what level it's at....


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Re: Clyde - is it really this huge?

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Think its broke.... either that or the dam is releasing a lot!! Not much water anywhere else about down here.

Seedy Paddler
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Re: Clyde - is it really this huge?

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Think it is well broke check out the lower Clyde Guage : ... ?id=133074

Water normally flows downstream so one of the two is wrong, given the SEPA guages on the Clyde tribs (e.g. Avon/South Calder) are also low then it look as if Hazel Bank has sunk.

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Re: Clyde - is it really this huge?

Post by RobinCole »

The Clyde river level's is interpreted as huge when its really just medium. The River Avon seems to be always empty when it really has water in. This is a pity as it's a really great trip, similar in difficulty and interest to the longer Upper Braan trip. For the Avon 0.6 is ok 0.8 good and above 1.0 alpine, but not technically difficult.

If the Avons big best to get out well above the bridges above the weirs at Larkhall and Avon Bridge.


Will I Am
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Re: Clyde - is it really this huge?

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Robin, where is the get in / out for the Avon? ie where do you park and shuttle? I live close by and have never seen anyone other than fishers at the bridge from the A71 to Glassford (I assume that's the start)
I was of the opinion it's a G4 through the gorge section when it's going but have never ran it - any idea where i could get a route card or description? Is it filthy with tree's etc? I normally frequent the Nith and if it's as good and clean as that, it would be worth a go.

loads of Q's i know.....

Lastly, what about the weir at Larky, I last saw it about 25 years ago and if i recall correctly it was deemed very dangerous back then.


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