Kit you've broken and how

Inland paddling
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I broke my Protec helmet on the Colca, was a couple of days into a multidayer and got pushed hard into an undercut wall at the bottom of a drop, was either take the hit on my shoulder (broken/dislocated shoulders not worth thinking about on the colca) or use my head to cushion the blow....

Didn't work too well though did it Darryl?... it was the Cotohausi.

p.s. you coming this summer or what?

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Hmm, I screwed up thatr last post pretty well didn't I?

I once managed to write off a pair of schlegels and a rotobat at the same time by using the schlegels as a ladder to extricate myself from between two rocks while leaving to boat to make a fine solo effort of the Melach.

Once set a boat on fire while repairing it and shortly after managed to burn a hole through a boat by using a metal candle holder to heat up a knife but resting it on the boat. Doh!

Oh, and I once decorated a rock with a boat on an embarassingly flat section of the Sanna.

I still manage to damage my paddles every time I run Gorilla.

The funniest write off I've ever seen was a guy running Llangollen Town Falls in a fibreglass boat whose foot slipped off the footrest and punched through the boat. We regalled him with calls of " buy yourself a waterproof one!" and he managed to flick the Vs shortly before he submerged. Soon afterward I ran over his paddles in the car park... harsh.

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The parting of boats from cars...

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On the subject of roof-rack misfortunes, special mention must go to Mr. S. Hicks, Esq. It was bad enough when his nearly-new Super Ego fell off my car in 2002 at some considerable speed and ripped a hole in the bow, but he had every reason to feel cursed when his H2 fell off another mate's car in 2003 (taking the rack with it that time) and ripped a hole in the stern. Sorry geezer! ;o)

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1) crappy wooden paddles on the ardeche aged about 8...
2) "Unbreakable" gorilla HPS's - held in low brace whilst accidentally going through the right hand slot on easan dubha on the orchy. Swam..
3) Ripped BA with jagged shaft of aforementioned snapped paddles.. Gutted..
4) Someone elses paddles (x2) - both flat water errors.. Too strong for me own good.. ahem..
5) Inazone 230 - swam on the aberglaslyn in spate. holes both front and back - write off
6) Spud - water too cold, went too fast into a large rock - split appeared in front.. surprised as this doesn't usually happen to topos.. repaired it though..
7) Huka - Not broken terminally, but dented many times. Not my fault though - twas the plastic... 'onest guv..

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Needed a big estate to go paddling, so we decided to borrow the local funeral parlours car, lots of space in the back for kit as it was unoccupied.

Anyway we tied the boats on the roof but alas not tight enough so that when we braked the boats didn't.

Unfortunately, having a long bonnet the boats didn't clear the car and left a large gouge down the bonnet. Oops, funeral director was not a happy bunny!

At least the boat was alright ;-)

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Post by NickB »

Lots of bits 'n' bobs over the years especially paddles, 2 sets in 3 days once on the Loop, but the highlight has to be borrowing a friends new GRP Comanche (who can remember them?), taking great care of it on the Dart only for the rope (straps were only just being seen for the first time then!) to snap on the A38, the boat took off and landed in the inside line for a lorry to drive over it, my Kober paddles landed in the outside lane and were still intact when I got back adjacent to them, an excellent viewpoint to watch a Mini drive over them!

The best I have seen was a friend putting his 4m Krakatoa (remember them?) slalom kayak in the back of his Mazda van and slamming the tailgate for the boat to attempt to come out through the windscreen... windscreen bust but boat okay!
Nick Benny

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Post by Darryl »

Once got pissed on a mates birthday whilst bivvying by the river, one of the guys chucked an empty plastic bottle (previously full of pre-mixed rum n coke) on the fire and unsurprisingly it went pop (it not big or clever kids...) anyway sparks and embers went everywhere and all the Thermarests instantly went flat as the embers went straight through....I thought it was hilarious - I had a karrimat!

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Post by magictom »

Yes Darryl, I remember it well ( you still owe me a thermarest by the way)... funny how it was the same trip where you wrecked your helmet with the "head brace"... the words "instant Karma" spring to mind. By the way... the "one of the guys" who threw the bottle onto the fire was you.

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Post by colinbell »

Paddling the Cononish a few years back, my mate Phil started his run down the last technical and meaty Gd 4 rapid just up from the take out.

As he exited the 1st stopper on the rapid he snapped his Werners - this was not the ideal location to start learning your C1 stroke.

Fortunately the 3rd member of the team Olly was sitting in an eddy just downstream of said stopper and reacted instantly to Phils predicament by throwing his own paddles which Phil dutifully caught and continued down the rapid as if nothing had happened.

Olly however had to sit in the eddy until Phil managed to clamber back upstream to pass the paddles back. Exciting stuff as I sat at the top of the rapid nervously pondering my fate...

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Descent races

Post by mharrall »

I should add to my previous post that I've broken numerous boats on descent races like the Exe and Liffey but I wont go into the gorey details because they don't really count do they?

I'm racking my brain to try to remember whether I've ever broken any paddles in any situation (such as sitting on them) but I don't think I ever have. Oops, perhaps I shouldn't have said that!


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Broken Kit

Post by thetangoman »

We wrote off a pair of old ainsworths after attempting (and failing) to dig our van out of a riverbed in the french alps a couple of years back. I think in the 2 weeks we were there, we ending up breaking about 4 or 5 sets of paddles in one way or another.


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Post by Bertie.. »

I managed to break a set of wing paddles by attempting to back paddle with them - I put it down to 'discovery learning', doh!


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We were running Malafoss which is a short steep torrent running into Briancon. We were about half way down our 4th descent when one of my blades snaps off. No big problem, the hardest rapids are behind and I don't mind giving this C1 thing a go. Next drop the 2nd blade snaps off....

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Post by Mark R »

jay' wrote:Next drop the 2nd blade snaps off....
Superb! How was your shaft-only rolling technique?
Mark Rainsley

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