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sad news

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Andy Jackson passed away yesterday.

He will be an immeasurable loss to scottish kayaking as a paddler and as access officer for the SCA.

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and as an inspiration, a great motivator and friend.
Neil Farmer.

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Still finding it hard to get my head round this, we will miss him immensly.


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So sad

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Only met Andy a couple of times. The guy was a legend. Andy and his girlfriend came out for dinner with us last year, when we went out to celebrate my 40th. It's my 41st next week and I feel so sad at the loss.

My thoughts go out to his girl friend, family and all that knew him.

Such a shame.


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Mark R
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Nothing I can add here that would do Andy's Access work and paddling achievements justice.

My only knowledge is that Andy's death is apparently due to some longterm illness originally contracted in Nepal.
Mark Rainsley

Gavin H
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Andy Jackson

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Andy Jackson - SCA Access Officer
It is with the deepest regret and sadness that the SCA announces that Andy Jackson has died suddenly.

Everyone at the SCA is deeply shocked and saddened at the sudden death of Andy Jackson on Saturday 4 December 2004. Our deepest sympathies go to Bridget and all of Andy's family.

Not only has the SCA lost a most highly valued colleague but the whole paddle sport community in Scotland has lost a man whose enthusiasm and commitment to everything he did shone out as an example to us all. He did so much good work for us all and brought so much pleasure to everyone who knew him.

Above all we have lost a friend who will be deeply missed.

A fuller tribute to Andy will appear in Scottish Paddler in due course.

This is a great shock to all who knew Andy, whether they paddled with him, knew him through his access work or just as a friend.

This has just been posted on the SCA website.

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Just hear this news from John Picken. Very sad. Andy had an enormous impact on Scottish white water paddling in the last few years through his work as SCA Access Officer and the White Water Guidebooks. Irreplaceable


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Post by Mark R »

Mark Rainsley

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Douglas Wilcox
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I did not have the good fortune to meet Andy in person but I did talk to him and Bridget on the phone recently. I was struck by his interest and help. He was clearly someone who enjoyed life but took time and did so much to help others.

For various reasons I should not have gone paddling today. Hearing this terrible news, I am really glad I did. Who knows what tomorrow holds for us, we are all judged by what we have done, not what me might do. Andy's family can be proud of him.


Chris S Sladden

Andy Jackson

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I never had the pleasure to meet Andy, but it is quite clear what a huge impact he had on boating North of the Border. The paddling community will miss a man who is forever steeped in the history of Scottish paddling.

My sympathies go out to his family and friends.



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Knew Andy from his days in Comm Ed in Dundee, by reputation ditch bashing with the Granite Grannies, spats with the Ghillies up Glen Tilt, a memorable trip home from the Fechlin with that man Webster, waiting for news of the original "world tour" stories with Bid and Goose, my first sight of the Falls of Lora, a memorably scary month in Chile, and latterly a great ambassador for the sport, and a wonderful human being. Sadly missed. Thoughts to Bid and Andy's family.

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Sad loss

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I didn’t know Andy well, I only met him once briefly during a Scotland paddling trip. He came across as a very genuine person who was quite happy to share his knowledge on Scottish rivers and also on paddling technique. I know he did an enormous amount of work for Scottish river access and campaigned tirelessly to try to prevent great rivers from being lost to hydro schemes. A huge loss to the world of boating.


Coop C


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I did not know Andy that well, but when talking to him at the Exib he seemed to be getting over the virus, it was such a shock to hear the sad news. He had time to talk to all,no matter what level they were at. He will be very much missed by all.This is such a loss to the world of boating in general, and Scottish paddling in particular.
My thought go out to all his family and friends.

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Gary F
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I am gobsmacked here!

I actually taught Andy to canoe when he was but a mere midget of a kid (no really, he was once short) and paddled on and off with him over many years. My thoughts and wishes go out to Bridget and his family. He will be sadly missed by all of us who knew him.

Gary Fawcett
on behalf of
Lochwinnoch & Paisley Kayak Club


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Almost everyone in the Scottish paddling community will have come accross Andy Jackson, or at least been a benefactor of the work he has done over the years. Like many people I only met Jacko a couple of times, but also like everyone who met him I was overwealmed by his open friendliness. I wish I'd got to know him better, rather than just bringing a smile to his face swimming in sight of the take-out on the Fassfern. This will be a great loss to the paddling community as a whole, but let's hope that his good work lives on. I know his legend certainly will.


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Simon Westgarth
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Sad times indeed, I meet Andy in BC many years ago and had great days surfing waves, when they were on their way back from the infamous world tour. One of my most unforgettable bar stories was with Andy and Co with a 20 stone local red neck, who spent the evening informing us of his huge gun collection, and who he would use them on. Clearly we made a swift exit, and hide in the woods all night.


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Received via the SCA Access circular...


I find it hard to write but I have to let you all know that Andy Jackson

died on Saturday night. I know people are full of questions so this is

the background as I understand it. Andy had been away on a weeks

holiday to Spain with his partner Bridget Thomas. He had been a bit run

down over the last few months and definately needed a break. We had put

it down to a remision in his recovery from brucelosis picked up in Nepal

a few years ago and assumed time and rest would assist Andy back to

better health. While in Spain he became very ill and they arranged an

emergency flight back to Scotland. Andy passed away on Saturday night.

There will need to be a post mortem and only then the funeral arrangements.

Once these are known I will post details here and they will be on the

SCA web site. Currently this carries the announcement as at the end of

this message.

There have been messages on various web forums: ... 83cf66236c ... 83cf66236c

and on UK rivers: ... php?t=5406 ... php?t=5406

Personally I can only echo what has been said. During the few years I

have known Andy he has become a close and valued friend. His work for

Scottish paddling has been inspirational. I will miss him so much. My

thoughts are for Bridget.

On a practical note Andy's email address is being

redirected to me. I will forward any personal messages sent to me or to

the scot-canoe address.

John Picken

SCA Access Co ordinator

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Sad loss

Post by Chas C »

Its hard to find the right words to express my feelings.

I did meet Andy just the once about 4 years ago in Highland Canoe's, it was his great enthusiasm that got me thinking that the Zambezi was definately within my reach (for which I'm very gratefull).

I also needed to contact him by mail on a Scottish access issue just over a year ago, he dealt with this in a prompt and friendly manor to the satisfaction of all involved.

A very nice person.



Post by antlomas »

Paul Currant introduced me to Andy years ago, we got on well. We paddled together a few times in Scotland, I bumped into him on the first leg of the world tour in Nepal exactly ten years ago, That drunken night on the island at the 94 nepali rodeo will stay in my memory for ever.
But the best and most time I spent with him was on our trip to Turkey. those memories were so funny and so many.............he will be missed.....lots of love to Bid.............Ant

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Post by guy »

Always a broad grin like he knew something we didn't

He was the only person to rescue me at the falls of lora
when everyone else left me to enjoy my half mile swim

he will be missed :-(

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Post by dantoward »

I got to meet andy for the first time about 2 years ago.
He spent the evening with us in the Clachaig inn , Clencoe.
I was celebrating my 21st.

Andy was just such a nice genuine guy that was willing to pass on his knowledge to help others.

Such a loss.
Thoughts to Bridget.

Dan Toward.


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I met Andy a few times over the years and have vague recollections of drinking with him in Nevis Sport at one point.

I was speaking to one of my long term paddling cronies and he had tried to explain to someone who Andy was and he said 'It didn't matter if you met him, everyone knew him'.

I think I can speak for everyone here in Stonoway Canoe Club who met Andy when he came over to paddle the wave at Loch Seaforth. He is a great loss and our thoughts go out to his family.


Paul Currant


Post by Paul Currant »

In remembrance of Andy Jackson who died after a short critical illness on Sunday 5th December 2004 in the Intensive Care Unit, Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley.

Most, if not all of you, will now know of the tragic news of Andy's death. I apologies if you were not previously informed. It is quite remarkable what impact Andy had on so many people's lives. He leaves a void which for many will never close.

A Memorial Service and Thanks Giving will take place starting at 11:20am on Monday 13th December at Houston and Killelan Kirk, Kirk Road, Houston, Renfrewshire and then there will be a gathering of family and friends at Houston Church Hall.

Please no flowers: if you would like to make a donation monies can go either to the Scottish Canoe Association Fund for Access or to the Nepali Porter's Fund. Further details at the service or contact

PS. Please distribute this information if you can think of anyone who I may have missed.

Directions from Glasgow.

Take the M8 west.

Immediately after the airport, turn off onto the A373 signposted to Irvine. Take the left turn signposted to Bridge of Wier/Johnstone. Follow the signposts to Houston - right at the first roundabout, straight over the next 2. Follow the road through Crosslea. Turn left at the next roundabout. After 200m turn right into the village. Straight over the roundabout. Turn right after the Fox and Hounds, and follow the road to the church.


Chris Lee

o sorry to hear about Andy

Post by Chris Lee »

It as only last night when Alxe Nicks walked up to me here in Uganda to tll me that one of the best if not the best creek boaters around had passed away.

he was a kayaking legend not just in Scotland but world wide!!!

I will never forget when me colin, greg and andy did one of his local runs ( the river where they filmed rob roy) and being beaten up by this river severly but everytime i rolled after taken a beating a would see his big grin!

My thoughts are with you bridget and all the scottish boaters!


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Gary F
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Post by Gary F »


The road you take after the Airport is the A737 and not the A373 as listed above.

Clive Hebblethwaite

sad loss

Post by Clive Hebblethwaite »

Andy was an exceptional person and an incredible number of people knew him. I have tried to think what makes someone so popular and sadly missed?
He was a role model to so many of us. His ego never got in the way of giving friendly advice freely, he had great judgement on the river and admirable views on our rights to paddle. An infectious enthusiasm would lead you across wind swept moor land carrying 20kg of plastic and enjoying the adventure of it all. When things went pear shaped a smiling and encouraging face would greet you, never making you feel stupid or embarrassed about that swim. He was one of those people that when you paddled with him you knew you had someone watching over your blind side… all in all a great person to have around on and off the river.

Like many people I will keep alive a little bit of Andy in what I do and in what I try and pass on to others.



Sad News

Post by patch »

Great memories of star gazing at Skookumchuck and being taught how to juggle hot coals around the camp fire. An inspiration to all on and off the water. My feelings go out to Bridget and his family.


Canmore, Alberta, CA


we will miss him.

Post by Dee »

He embodied the spirt of the outdoors, Dee.

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Post by Dug »

I never met Andy, but know of him through his reputation as a damn good paddler and access officer. The world of Scottish paddling has lost one of its best.


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Chris W
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Andy Jackson

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I've refrained from posting a message until now because I didn't know Andy personally and I wouldn't want to 'intrude' in any way. However, the news has been on my mind since I heard on Sunday- I don't suppose I'm the only one.

Much of what he did (the World Tour, the SCA guidebook etc...) will have inspired many people who didn't even know him, myself included. The SCA book set the standard, and was the template for EWW, and the World Tour made Worldwide paddling seem accessible to all. And what a top boating talent.

I'm also taken aback by the apparent cause of death and the fact that within the space of a year the UK boating community has now lost (at least) 4 well known paddlers.

It's a sad loss indeed and my thoughts go to Bridget (who I do remember chatting to at Hurley many years ago- ever so friendly), friends, family and the Scottish boating community.

Chris W.

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