Moving to Bristol

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Moving to Bristol

Post by rwalks »

As the subject says, I'm moving to Brstol this summer and need:

1) Somewhere to live
2) People to paddle with!!

I'm a 22 year old (soon to be!) Pharmacy graduate starting my pre-reg year in the Bristol Royal Infirmary (fingers crossed) this August. I'm currently based in Manchester and know no-one in Bristol! In fact, I've never even seen the BRI!!!

I mainly paddle grade 3 and 4 and currently have a dagger juice, although that may change if a plan to go to turkey this July, gets a bit more steam! So basically I'd like a house with people who wouldn't be totally adverse to me washing my dry suit in the shower on sunday nights, oh and if they want to show me this "dart" everyone in the south seems to talk about, that would be great too!!


Ray Latham
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Re: Moving to Bristol

Post by Ray Latham »

Hi Rhi,

Get in touch when you are moving down. We have got a very active paddling group here some from the local club others that just join in but we meet and paddle most of the year round. Regular trips into Wales or down to Devon.


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Re: Moving to Bristol

Post by p2-fleming »

It might be worth a post on the two university club forums.
They will both have a load of graduates who are looking for places aswell.

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Re: Moving to Bristol

Post by Dom c »

Feel free to contact me nearer the time and I might be able to help you out with both finding somewhere to live, and people to paddle with..
Currently in the process of buying a new house with spare room..

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