Has anyone had any issues with the playboater workdeck?

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Has anyone had any issues with the playboater workdeck?

Post by gazza14 »

Im looking to get a deck for my new jackson fun 2 i looked into the rand decks and decided i don't need a fancy one and the work deck looks like it wears well but is that dry does anyone have any experience with it? Also is it any drier than the yak 40-60 pound decks?

Thanks in advance Gareth

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Post by Dug »

I know a lot of people with them and have one myself. It's an ok deck and certainly takes a lot of wear and tear but mine is not very tight round my cockpit rim which lets in a bit of water... Pretty good for the price though.


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Ed Lefley
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Post by Ed Lefley »

Mine's just given up the ghost after 3 years use; 2 as an instructor deck (daily use 6days a week)

There are NO holes in it; the neoprene has gone funny inside, come away from the face fabric so therefore leaks now. I think the issue is the way that I've been taking it on and off, so from now on will be getting hold of the tube and pulling on that rather than on the deck itself.

Now replaced with an elephant deck, so I'll see how it goes
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Post by sehenley »

I've had two of these decks, they both developed holes quite quickly. On the second of the two, the shock cord came unstitched from the neoprene of the deck within a month of buying it. I will not be buying another playboater deck.


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Post by sinorthwales »

I'm on my second one the first one lasted about 4 years a couple of holes after a bit which aqua sure sorted out and the bungee came un-stitched along a 2" section. The latex gripy stuff on the underside went sort of manky after a few years and left a load of black marks round the cockpit rim of my boat not a big deal though. The second one is about 4 years old still going strong no problems at all.

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Admiral Robert
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Post by Admiral Robert »

I've had one for a couple of years now. It's been generally good, but does seem to be letting quite a lot of water in now.

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Post by MattBibbings »

I'll second the manky latex coment, although it does not impair the performance of the deck.

My Workdeck has done a Striling 6 years service. It has been ace but last week the shockcord finally came away from the neoprene.

I will be hoping that I can find a replacement deck that is even half as good.

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Post by Will.S. »

I had a bit of bother with my work deck as there was no waterproofing where the waist tubing met the deck itself. Lots of water was getting in. Then I put aqua seal all the way around the inside stitching and its now much drier. Now I'm very happy with it.

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