River Ure - Aysgarth Falls to Wensley Bridge

North of the Trent drainage, flowing to the North Sea
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Duncan S
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River Ure - Aysgarth Falls to Wensley Bridge

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Duncan S
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Drat - Just realized that I posted this in Inland rather then Conditions.


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You're more likely to get a response here - can't help I'm in Bristol and the rivers dried up over a week ago.

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I'd have said that it'd be doubtful that it'd be running at a worthwhile level. Especially as it's fishing season there's no point scraping it at a low level and pi$$ing them off un-necessarily...

Still, I've not actually done that section of the Ure, so I could be entirely wrong! If you do it post back here and let us know!
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steve ed
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If your planning the falls I would only do them in spate.

Dont know about the rest

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A video (ouch!) of Martin paddling Aysgarth falls on the Ure in Yorkshire, Dec 2004: http://bristolcanoeclub.org.uk/static/v ... allRun.mpg
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Mark R
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RIVER URE (Aysgarth Falls to Wensley Bridge)

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It is impossible to get this at the right level.

It can look big at Aysgarth and be a bump and scrape for most of
the way.

If its not a bump and scrape, then Redmire Force is too big and a
portage on the left. And there are a number of levels where it is
not really sensible _anywhere_.

We once watched it come up three feet in about twenty minutes,
then carried the boats back to the car park and undid the shuttle
(I then went surfing on a gravel pit - it was that sort of a day !)

So, it needs to be up somewhat - look at the flatter bits of river
(some are visble form the road, especially some shingle rapids
near the end). If they look deep enough, look at the river at the put-in
some way below the Lower Falls - if this doesn't look utterly fearsome,
then you are probably in the right ball-park. If you set off and get
throgh the stepping stones without grounding and without putting your
boat on edge, then get out river left to inspect Redmire Force - in high
water there is a line on the right, but it is hard to protect (since the
portage is on the left and that's where you can get with a throw line
which won't reach across.)

For your first run down, it is probably best to choose water on the low
side, so you will know the river when you come to try it in higher water.
Redmire Force can become quite epic, in levels when the rest of the trip
is not particularly unpleasant (though the first 200m can be intimidating).


Duncan S
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Thanks Andy, had a look in the EWW and it said there was no access, so we thought we'd leave it and went to the barrage.

Cheers for the advice though, I'll defiantly bear it mind, as I'd like to do it next month when there is open access.

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