Storing Plastic Sea Kayaks^

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Storing Plastic Sea Kayaks^

Post by RichJ »

For some reason my good wife has started to complain about the amount of outdoor gear strewn around our house. Seems rather unfair to me. After all, I'm sure our visitors (SteveM et al, from this site) fully understand and maybe even appreciate the smell of drying neoprene?...... anyway, enough of our domestics. My question; what is the best way to store plastic sea kayaks to minimise the risk of denting and other nasty effects of resting? I have been storing (the boat) in the garage (when not in the house) on an "A" frame with two metal cross members ie an old childs swing. Noticed the boat denting from pressure on the metal bars. Better on edge ? Maybe on the floor resting against a wall? Any thoughts?


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Post by Goldspoon »

Floor resting against wall is fine (mine is like this). Also hung with straps works.

cap'n crunch
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Post by cap'n crunch »

On the side resting on the gunnel seems to work best. The plastic is thicker along the gunnel. I keep my RM Tempest stored in this way and it has never dented even in a hot Florida garage.


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Post by ChrisS »

You could fit a board (e.g. floorboards or 18mm plywood) between the existing supports and rest the boat on that.

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Post by waltfos »

Driving along motorway/dual carriage way you can find tie straps from HGV's

These are 3" 75 mm in with

These can be secured to roof of garage or wall.

You can by something similar

I have 5 kayaks secured like this of composit and RMP trust this helps

Keep shoogling


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adrian j pullin
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Post by adrian j pullin »

Mine just sits on the floor with other kayaks piled on top. Doesn't seem to do it any harm. Also, this is why I don't have a glass boat!

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Post by chriscw »

I don't have a garage, I have an integral boathouse! Although we are miles from the nearest water. I often keep the longer boats both plastic and glass slung from rope loops attached to the ceiling. Each sling is two or three bits of rope, I have never noticed any denting, I do sometimes turn the boats on edge in the slings.

I also have a nice drying rail slung from the ceiling for hanging kit up to air.

I must get round to replacing the Up and Over door as it does interfere with sea kayak storage.
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String em up

Post by steve-m »

Hi Richard,
I guess that if your frame is putting marks in your boats hull it is because all the weight of the boat is pressing on a rigid bar. My sea kayak, like all our other kayaks, is hung from the garage roof by 2 straps, presumably the straps exert a flexible and more even pressure in line with the shape of the hull. Certainly I have never noticed any hull deformation resulting from the straps.
I am fortunate in that our garage roof is high enough that, with all the boats duly hanging on their straps, i can get both cars into the garage. It took a little while to work out a system of getting the boats strapped up single handed, I use rope loops with a series of knots to work the boats tight up to the roof. it sounds complicated but it takes less than 10 minutes and then your garage floor area is clear for its intended use.

As for my gear, once that is reasonably dry it goes into the loft above the garage, I have put a rail up there so I can air off my gear out of everybodys way. that seems to keep it in a relatively reasonable state. Again, i realise i am lucky to have a garage loft for this purpose but it does make a good kayak kit airing cupboard.

Anyway we can chat about this some more tomorrow night, It will all become perfectly clear after a jar of the amber nectar!
Regards Steve
Steve-M Shropshire

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Post by glupton »

I just put mine on the floor on an old bit of carpet, it doesn't seem to come to any harm. Probably because the weight of the boat is spread out over a larger area. Why do people hang their boats up/ put them on A frames?

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Post by MikeB »

Don't know if you've looked in the Almanac - is this any help?


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Not enough floor

Post by steve-m »

glupton wrote: Why do people hang their boats up/ put them on A frames?
I hang my boat up because i need to get both my car and my boat in the garage and there is not enough floor for both of them. Hanging the car from the roof and leaving the boat on the floor just presented too many engineering problems so i hang the boat from the roof and park the car under the boat.
Steve-M Shropshire

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Post by NeilG »

My boats are all GRP and live in the garage. My old GP kayak is hung on rope loops, my surf shoe (holidays only where I live) is on top of the rafters, my sea kayak is suspended on pulley blocks, diagonally across the garage as at 18'3 it will only fit that way. My double kayak is on it's side on the floor. It has large cockpit openings so I store most of my kayak gear in it.

Having had an expensive experience with a paddle, all of mine are suspended in a pair of slings hung from the rafters. This is quite handy for hanging up wet gear to drip dry.

I'm lucky because at a pinch, I can still get the car in there.
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