Paddling in Italy/France second week in June

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Paddling in Italy/France second week in June

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Gday guys

I know there's a few posts already on this topic, but none quite matched, so I thought I'd start a new one.

I'm flying from Australia for the Val Sesia festival, getting in Saturday the 2nd of June. I'll spend a week paddling with some guys from London and then I have another week on my own (roughly the 9th to the 16th of June).

Two problems:

1) I need some people to paddle with for that second week, either in the Val Sesia region, Switzerland or Northern France.

2) I'll have a loaner creekboat that I have to get back to London somehow.

If anyone out there can help in either department that would be fantastic. I'll have a hire car, but only a baby one without roof racks, so I can run shuttles, but not with kayaks! As for getting a boat back to the UK, I'd obviously throw in some money for fuel or beer in return. You just need to be trustworthy!

I'm looking to paddle class 4, maybe some easy class 5. I prefer creeks but up for anything really, just want to go paddling! Have people who can vouch for my paddling if that's required.

Anyway, any feedback would be awesome.



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