Essex paddlers or nearby?

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Essex paddlers or nearby?

Post by Erica »

My name is Erica and I'm moving over to Essex to start work in January from Ireland.

I'm looking to hook up with some paddlers so I can keep up paddling while away. I have all my own gear so thats no prob (although I won't be able to bring it over until Feb).

I'm a very active paddler (river runnig ,freestyle, surf, creeking) so please if you can help me out or point me in the right direction that would be great! I tried the web for clubs and the only club in Essex (that I could find) seems to be inactive now :(

Promise to hook people up with Paddlers in Ireland and pretty good at providing beer (african beer bongs anyone?)!

Anyway hope you can help!

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Post by Suffolk-Rich »

Where in Essex are you?

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Post by Erica »

Well I'm working in Basildon but will be living in the South end on sea/westcliff/leigh on sea area (still no accommodation sorted whoops!) To be done the week I arrive being the 13th January.

Any advice?
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Jay Oram
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Post by Jay Oram »

Try southend canoe club, they are quite active in Essex and so is Leaside, they are just inside London so probably an hour drive or so but they regularly run trips all over the place.

I'll see if i can find any info.



Paddling in Essex

Post by kurtfinch »

Hi Erica,

Check out - Essex based, leading trips all year round and all along the Essex and Suffolk coast and based in Chelmsford. Also provide boats and equipment. But pretty much sea kayaking focused if that suits you?

Hope that helps,


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Post by fatty »

Although we are probably just over an hour away,we are a very active club based in Croydon who are passionate about what we do. Try to get away every other weekend during the whitewater season and cover G2-G5 and flat water trips. Number of us are heavy into creeking and playboating with regular trips to Hurley. Plenty of good kit kit avaliable untill you get yours through.

We may be too far away but just thought I would make you aware. Check the website below(although a little out of date), and also have a video on youtube of waterfall paddling.

Good Luck


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Post by landlocked »

Personally I would try one of this lot Or these ... egion=East

Or even these Although I would suggest Southend is probably your nearest
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Post by LoopyLou »

I use to live in Essex and like you struggled to find a canoe club.
I joined Whitewater Action Medway 'WAM' based in Kent but prob just over a hour from where you'd be living.

If you don't want to travel too far then I know a few people that has paddled with Southend Canoe Club in the past, they do river trips etc

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Re: Essex paddlers or nearby?

Post by Kirkinczo »

Hi Erica,
I live in Essex in Loughton and try to paddle as much as I can (weekends only). I usualy go to Hurley weir alone, so we can go together next time if you want soon I'm plannig some river runing between 21-24/03.


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    Post by rockhopper »

    Hi Erica,

    I live in Leigh-on-Sea but mostly do sea paddling although I do go to the pool sessions of Southend Canoe club. They seem fairly active and go on trips to Trewyrn and River Dart amongst others.

    Their we site is:


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