Stockholm archipelago August 2019

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Stockholm archipelago August 2019

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Hi everyone

Just to say I'm planning a sea kayak camping trip in the Stockholm archipelago for something like 10 days in August, focusing probably on the southern part off from Nynäshamn and Utö. Exact number of days to be determined, start dates sometime either the week of 5th or 12th August. Intend to travel over by train and hire kayak over there.

I've done several trips like this over there before (can count at least 6 in different parts of the archipelago from Söderarm in the north to Utö in the south), both on my own and with someone else - but prefer going with someone if possible, hence reason for this post. But would need to be able to get on as well, so would suggest a chat with anyone who is interested first.

So it will be all wild camping with a healthy dose of skinny dipping (it is Sweden after all), with daily distance to cover depending on mood and weather but sometimes 20-25km, sometimes nothing. There are no tides to speak of in the Baltic, and rough water isn't so common - and often the weather is pretty good, can be a really stunning place. There are a few small shops in the archipelago where you can get food, so normally stock up for 3-4 days before restocking.

Some stuff about me - I'm a fairly laid back 46 year old guy. Apart from Sweden I've also been sea kayaking off Anglesey and Harris in Scotland. I'm also a competitive swimmer and long distance cyclist when I get the chance.

So if this all appeals then hit me up and let's talk.



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