looking for paddling buddies :)

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looking for paddling buddies :)

Post by Megarett »

Hi everyone!
I'm a Canadian living in Manchester and I'm looking for some people to whitewater kayak with.
Ive been kayaking for over 10 years and am comfortable up to grade 4.

Would love to find some buddies to go and play around on the tryweran and Dee and plan some trips to other cool places.

Send me a note if you want to paddle or don't mind having me join in with your crew :)

Happy Paddling


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Re: looking for paddling buddies :)

Post by longlandsfarm »

I would join Manchester canoe Club, they do trips every week to the Dee & Tryweryn and other places, Tuesday night 7pm at the club in Marple stockport or they paddle on a Friday at Mile end mill on the Dee.



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Re: looking for paddling buddies :)

Post by neonbowhawk »

Hiya you should contact Manchester canoe club, they are based in Marple. They are a pretty active club and there is a group of good boaters there who get out most weekends to places like North Wales and the lakes.
Should be just what you are after.
Hope this helps!

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Re: looking for paddling buddies :)

Post by Naromoj »

Hello! I live in leeds and always up for a paddle. I'm meeting up with friends from London and Manchester on the tryweryn next weekend. You would be welcome to join us. I'll pm you with my phone number in case you do :)

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Re: looking for paddling buddies :)

Post by AdieM »

Hi Meg,
There will be a group of us at the Tryweryn on Sunday and we'd be happy for you to join us.

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