Nepal: Jan - May 2017

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Nepal: Jan - May 2017

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Hi all,

I'm currently in Nepal until the 1st of May. I'm a 28 year old guy that paddles at a G4/G5 level but I'm happy on easier rivers as well. I'm expecting to spend some time trekking as water levels are low at the moment, but I'd rather paddle (most rivers can still be run and are a lot quieter) so if anyone fancies a trip out here then please give me a PM or WhatsApp on +977 982 387 0853. Given that I'm already in country I can help with logistics and may be able to source cheaper deals.

I'm looking to paddle as much as possible so can be flexible around dates - I do have friends coming out on the following dates and wouldn't object to one or two more paddlers for each so we might be able to go independently rather than be guided:
- last week of Feb and first week of March: grade 3 type trip (potentially Sun Kosi)
- last two weeks: grade 4/4+ trip (including possibly attempting a river which we can't find a record of having been paddled)

Also if anyone knows of any other Western paddlers out in Nepal at the moment I'd be grateful for any contacts.



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