sea kayak trip for improve my english?

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Nico breizh
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sea kayak trip for improve my english?

Post by Nico breizh »

I'am a french sea kayaker since 5 years and i pratice also rivers since my 13 years. I live in Brest in French Brittany. I have 32 years old.
I research some sea kayakers to improve my english spoken and to share some sea kayak experiences.

I was thought to participate in a trip with a nice group at your navigation area by a week? (i like tide race or hiking).

And, i organise for you a sea kayak tour in french brittany, i know very good spot, ok? :)
Please no money and professional guide, just for fun and my english spoken.

I will be to the brittany kayak festival this summer (10-18 august).


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Re: sea kayak trip for improve my english?

Post by norb »

yes man :) tide race is the best place for conversation :) Penhryn Mawr to North Stack start in Porth Dafarch on spring tide.

Richard Uren
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Re: sea kayak trip for improve my english?

Post by Richard Uren »

What a helpful comment Norb ! Nico's a good bloke and a pretty handy paddler. I dare say he'd have enough skill to hold a conversation in Penhryn Mawr, would you ?
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