Anyone heading to the alps

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Anyone heading to the alps

Post by lewis=) »

Like the title says....

I have a week off in the end of july/start of august and I was hoping to use it to go abroad but due to a number of conspiring unforeseen circumstances (work and family related on friends part) I cant find find anyone to go with.

Is there anyone out there with a space left on a trip?
Does anyone have a similar problem if i could find another 2 or 3 people Id be happy to head across

Happy to contribute to travel costs. I even have a van and would be happy to take that across.

I would be cool with a commercial trip or if there a few like minded individuals out there who just want to team up and head across I have no problem with that either

I am a confident grade 3/4 paddler and have a reliable roll (have my 4 star two if that helps)

If needs be I can be a bit flexible with dates


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Re: Anyone heading to the alps

Post by petednz »

hi - just having a nose around. We are 3 kiwis doing a family trip around Europe this summer looking for possibilities of trying a bit of kayaking in any/all of Pyrenees, French Alps or Austria. Drifted in to this forum and spotted your post. Hope you don't mind me chipping in and tracking any discussion here - or any pointers elsewhere.

Myself and my two daughters are grade 3 and 3/4 paddlers. Both daughters are NZ reps in canoe polo - fit and know not to throw their paddles away when rolling now ;-)

Oh and I grew up learning slalom at Shepperton on the Thames!

I am expecting we will end up signing up with some guiding trip - and for those trips that require a minimum of 4 we are getting kind of close just by ourselves - for 2 -3 days in one or several of the following locations
- Pyrenees July 24 - 28
- French Alps Aug 3 - 8
- Austria/Slovenia for 2-3 days between Aug 16 and Sep 1

Not sure if our paths might cross but thought I would say hi to you and any other forum goers.

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