Freighting/flying kayaks to Canada

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Freighting/flying kayaks to Canada

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Apologies for this not being the accurate forum but this one seems the most appropriate out of the choices.

Has anyone shipped/air freighted/cargoed/excess baggaged kayaks to Canada before? Looking for affordable options for a two week trip in late summer i.e. need boats taken out there then brought back.
Only a couple of options with airlines as checked baggage but still pretty pricey. Don't want to have to pay customs on import/export as the boats are already our own and only shipping for personal use over the two weeks.
Not fussed as to whether it's Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal.

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Re: Freighting/flying kayaks to Canada

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For A 2 week trip the hassle & cost of sending boats via frieght or paying airline excess is way to much for me personally. Why not have a sniff around at the local 2nd hand market or find an outfitter that hires.

I have flown all over the world with kayaks flying with boats creates stress do you really want that or need it before your trip

good luck
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