Looking to go Boating near Czech Republic

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Looking to go Boating near Czech Republic

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Hi all,
I'm a kayaker from the US, hopefully this isn't a horribly inappropriate forum to post this question in. I'll be visiting Prague for the next two weeks and I'm hoping to get out paddling. I'm bringing all my gear except for the boat; and I'm hoping there will be some boat rental places wherever I end up. I have a pretty open schedule and am willing to travel by bus/train/rental car to find some good whitewater. Is there anywhere where I'll be able to find other boaters willing to adopt an american paddling chick for a run or two? I usually boat class 4 or easy 5 in the US, but I'm interested in seeing any new rivers/places, from class 2 up.

My current thought is to try to get to the Soca and see if I can find anyone there... any thoughts on that plan?

Thanks a bunch!!

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Re: Looking to go Boating near Czech Republic

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Hi there if its running try Lipno nad vltavou it's a dam release where they held the devil race each year. It only runs a few times a year but its an amazing solid continuous grade 4. They had the rafting champs last year. The ski resorted the dam has excellent accommodation to.
Peace, love, paddle!

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