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Hi there folks. Some of you know me, many of you dont and im not a regular poster on UKRGB largely due to the fact ive been paddling overseas for the last few years.
So after 2 years in NZ, 3 in BC and the last 6 months in Nepal, im now finally heading to Norway. Im going to be raft guiding out of Dagali on the Numedalslagen but will be looking to get out boating as much as possible of course.
Ive got a van which ill be driving over at the beginning of May. Planning to get the ferry from Newcastle to Holland and head up from there. Its just me and ive got plenty of space for boats etc so if theres anyone else looking for a ride please let me know, its a long way and company would be welcome!
Also looking for people to go paddling with eh. I should have a bit of free time early season and im hoping to get out around Telemark or where ever the water is as much as i can.
Post here or PM if youre keen or know anyone looking for a lift


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