Paddlers in Bristol

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Paddlers in Bristol

Post by J-ro »

I'm looking for people to paddle with in Bristol due to the fact that my friends keep getting married. I currently paddle with the Bristol club occasionally but they don't paddle as much as I would like.

I'm in my later 20's and looking for people who are keen, get out boating on grade 4 and above.


07745 721 345
cifro @hot mail. com

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Ieuan Belshaw
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Re: Paddlers in Bristol

Post by Ieuan Belshaw »

There's a few local paddlers round that way. Post on SWKers and you'll probably find them.
Ieuan :)

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Re: Paddlers in Bristol

Post by hardy »

Nice one Ieuan.

Many Bristol paddlers are in either the "Kayaking river Dart group" or "Dartmoor paddlers". There are many groups , and most are closed , so don't hold a true list of who paddles where . For instance i am not in any welsh groups , but paddle there often. There is North and South Avon Canoe clubs. I am in SACC , but mostly paddle outside of that , as it restricts itself to grade 3 due to health and safety , and help where i can .

Look at those outlets first.

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Re: Paddlers in Bristol

Post by Yoghurt Monster »

Hi Jethro,

I live in Cardiff and would really like to get out on more rivers. I only recently moved to the area, so exploring South Wales more would be great. I'm a bit rusty, but would like to do a load of grade 3-4. I'm off work for the next 3 weeks, then start working 4 days on 4 off, so I've got plenty time for kayaking.

Give me a shout if you want to head out.

07722 085550

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