Whats the score at newark weir???

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Whats the score at newark weir???

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i took a begginer for a taste of white water last saturday at newark weir! there were a few fishermen about and one at the top of the weir and 2 on the island.

before i knew it they were F in this and F in that at me, so i got out my boat went up to the fella and asked him what his problem was as stayed away from his line

they claimed we were scaring the fish and causing their bait to float away by paddling on the weir (not that the weir makes more noise and current will take there bait away anyways!) also that they pay to be there and we have no right

does anybody know what the score is on this subject?

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ignore them, you are well within your right to be there. If anybody starts swearing at you or is abusive then call the police.

There is a navigation right to the trent, I think it is run by British Waterways. If you are a BCU member then you definately are allowed on the river and I would also report it to the lock keeper just down stream. If you aren't a member then I think canoes are permitted??

But the main point is, if you call the police they have to deal with YOUR complaint and not focus on whether you are allowed there or not.

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