Riot Brittany - any views?

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Riot Brittany - any views?

Post by KernowChris » Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:09 am

It's over 20 yrs since I last sea kayaked, but back in the day I was reasonably good ;) and paddled a Nordkapp a lot and I still have my Foster Legend (but am too big now)

Just getting back into it, so I got an ebay Nordkapp but forgot how tight the cockpit is and 20 years gap has turned me into a fat bloke (100kg - ouch, that's where those pasties went).

So I've been looking around for a cheapo plastic sea kayak that looks like it performs.

I'm good with tippy and want something that tracks well and can handle the rough stuff. Trips will mostly be solo around Cornwall (no lectures please, I ocean sail solo too so have a very healthy respect).

The Riot Brittany has caught my eye and is in the right price range.

This is to get me back into sea paddling for the next two years while I get slimmer and fit again, then I'll be going composite.

Anyone paddled one?

Anyone got one I can try? (Happy to travel or come and stay for a few days in Cornwall - I have spare rooms)

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Re: Riot Brittany - any views?

Post by pathbrae » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:33 pm

Why not try a plastic Nordkapp? I'm guessing your ebay Nordkapp was old enough to have an ocean cockpit, which is a fairly tight squeeze to get into?
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Re: Riot Brittany - any views?

Post by lennart » Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:41 am

Hi I would not recommend the britany for people abvoe 85 kg. It is a smallish. It is not better as the boats you already have,
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Re: Riot Brittany - any views?

Post by KernowChris » Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:20 pm

I demo'ed one today for 5 hours out from Falmouth.

Thanks Cornwall Canoes for sorting that and going beyond the call of duty.

In brief - a fantastic boat. Light (for plastic), tracks well, tippy enough but good secondary stability.

Very well fitted out - no adjustment needed to the uber comfy seat. Plenty of decklines with proper fittings.

A good retractable skeg and an excellent deployable rudder.

The skeg was needed to control the slight wander in a cross and stern quartering sea, but otherwise she tracked well.

I was.concerned about the weight comment above but no issues at all - she sat just right. Substantially lighter paddlers may need to ballast. I reckon she's good for another 20-30 kg of kit.

The hull shape has distinct V in the bow and stern with a flattening belly about a foot aft of the cockpit, which helped her pick up even gentle wake rollers.

As a consequence of the deep V bow she edge turns gracefully with just enough stability.

I ended up buying the demo boat.

Happy days.

Some pics here..... ... _HV_a?dl=0

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