Scorpio mk2 corelite x impressions?

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Scorpio mk2 corelite x impressions?

Post by steveT » Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:46 am

Hi folks,

I am yet again in the market for a new sea kayak. I had previously owned a mk1 scorpio so familiar with the design, however, having read douglas wilcox's review it appears they have ironed out some of the previous traits such as poor tracking etc.

I'm interested in some more opinions on the boat prior to arranging a day out travelling to pick up a demo. Is the legroom same as old version, and what's the opinions on the new corelite x, and how well do people find the tracking on the new version?

With regards other boats on my list, im considering another northshore atlantic, which I have also previously owned, only downfall being the storage, although the storage was enough if carefully packed for a week, I'm thinking the extra bit of hatch room on the scorpio would be nice :)



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