keel eazy for seams?^

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keel eazy for seams?^

Post by iFish » Sun Oct 12, 2014 10:16 pm

The seams on the Sea King I have are looking a bit tatty, no major leaks, one 6 inch length seeps a little, was wondering if Keel Easy might be an option for an easier fix, appreciate any thoughts?

Mr Ed
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Re: keel eazy for seams?

Post by Mr Ed » Mon Oct 13, 2014 2:04 pm

I put some on the hard wear areas of my boat, bow, keel and front deck where my splits can rub. My experience has been a bit mixed. Very easy to fit using a hair dryer. After using the edges can start to pull away and get sand etc trapped in them (5 months of paddling every weekend) so i've had to take sections of it off. The end keel was extremely difficult to fit due to the sharp angle changes and this was one of the areas where the keel eazy started to come away first and start trapping sand.

My impression of the product has been mixed- it has definitely provided protection to my boat that would definitely have caused a gelcoat repair but the longevity of it isn't brilliant and on certain sharp corners of a boat it's difficult to fit without usinng multiple pieces of keel eazy. I'm not sure i'd fit it again.

Have you thought about simply re-applying a few gelocat layers?

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Re: keel eazy for seams?

Post by Mikebelluk » Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:14 pm

Keel Eazy is good for a keel strip if you apply it correctly. If you want to seal a leaky seam temporarily, use good quality gaffa tape, but it will require a resin repair to do the job properly

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Re: keel eazy for seams?

Post by mikehh » Sat Oct 18, 2014 3:19 pm

Not a reply , but I had also wondered whether it might work on seams so was keen to see any feed back that you got.

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Re: keel eazy for seams?

Post by ruralweb » Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:37 pm

I've used it and don't think it would be much good for seams as it does kink if bent sharply also it's quite heavy so running it down the sides of a kayak would add a bit of weight also it's. Not exactly cheap.

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Re: keel eazy for seams?

Post by iFish » Tue Oct 21, 2014 6:12 pm

Thanks for the replies, I think resin repair is the way to go as I can also access the area that is leaking from the inside, might try Keel Eazy on the keel once I have done a couple of gelcoat repairs as it looks like a neat finish especially if applied with a heat gun rather than a hairdryer from the pics I've seen

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Re: keel eazy for seams?

Post by Ceegee » Sat Oct 25, 2014 4:53 pm

A resin strip will be easiest and best, believe me.

Put the boat on edge in a secure base (trestles) and use an old wood chisel and mallet to chip off the old strip (WEAR GOGGLES). Use a surform or coarse sander to clean up and roughen the seam. Wipe down with acetone. If you are not confident about working carefully enough not to scratch outside the seam, then mask off either side first.

Run a length of masking tape either side of the seam along the entire length, then another on top of the first, overlapping towards the seam by about 3mm.

Mix up a small pot of lay-up resin and paint the exposed seam, then run a roll of 1" woven glass tape the length of the seam and wet it down (a helping pair of hands is good here). Once finished, peel back the inner lengths of masking tape before the resin goes off. You can omit the glass tape stage (and 2nd masking tape layer) but it adds a lot of strength and a better watertight seal if unsure about the quality of the internal seam.

If you have any of the tapes edge weave standing proud on the tape you can flatten it off with a sanding block once the resin is "green".

Mix up a pot of gel coat with pigment of your choice and about 1% wax-in styrene (or buy flow-coat). You can add a filler such as glass beads too if you like. Paint this quickly and generously onto the seam so it form a thickish band (2-3mm) without tears or brush marks. As soon as finished peel off the remaining masking tape staking care not to draw threads. If you get any on the deck/hull, wait until it has gelled then use a razor blade or craft knife to trim and lift the gelcoat smudges, drips, tears etc.

Leave 24 hours then flip the boat and repeat for the other side.

You will need:

10m of 1" woven glass tape
50m of 1" masking tape,
a couple of 1" paint brushes
100ml layup resin
200ml gelcoat plus pigment and wax/styrene (or coloured flowcoat)
A few old yoghurt pots (polypropelene not styrene) and a couple of icecream sticks

An old 1"chisel and mallet, maybe a small Stanley "surform" shaper
some 120# sandpaper and a block
a bit of acetone and a few rags

A weekend taking up about 2 hours a day.
Steve C. G.

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Re: keel eazy for seams?

Post by nickcrowhurst » Sat Oct 25, 2014 8:44 pm

Now that's how to do it right. Good work, Ceegee.

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