Polo boat for sale - Revenge Nitro Fayboy - £350

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Polo boat for sale - Revenge Nitro Fayboy - £350


Evening all.

Having replaced my boat with a shiny brand new one in the middle of the summer, I've decided to sell my old Revenge Nitro Fatboy rather than have it take up valuable garage space...!

Purchased second hand about 4 years ago I had a number of leaks repaired, including new nose cap and seam on front right. There are a few untidy patches by the previous owner. In April I took a fairly hard hit from someone which split the seam (along the repair from the previous year) which has been patched over for some additional strength. All repairs since I bought the boat were kindly carried out by Dave Brown. He also fitted new bumpers.

Almost totally watertight, perfectly good for a two hour training session and definitely suitably dry for a game. It's in good nick but bear in mind it is a used boat.

The Fatboy seems to be quite hard to get hold of, it is rated for 80-100kg but I was nearly 110kg this time last year and it was fine. Good nimble boat, stern dips and turns easily and quick to paddle forward.

Open to sensible offers and I will be at most NWC Div 2 and Div 3 North events if anyone wishes to try it out. Pictures on various Facebook groups or I can send them to you if you get in touch.


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