Angst squirt boat for sale - great condition

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Angst squirt boat for sale - great condition

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Boat is in great condition with only a few scuff marks and a couple of minor surface scratches on the bottom. Boat is complete watertight and even has a custom blue/white design. £500

Angst is a great boat that can perform both flat water tricks and mystery moves. I was surprised on how easy tricks like kartswheels are in this boat considering it performs mystery moves well too. This boat is comfy with large foot bumps designed to accommodate people with large feet. Can also cope with long legs with inseam leg length from 28 to 32 inch. This boat will suit a perform from around 80kg upwards.

Photos at ... 45730806/

What others say about this boat.

"The first and central boat in this series, the Asylum was developed to provide maximum performance in a short, comfortable package for paddlers with a 28-32″ inseam. Designed with smooth screws, mysteries and “loops” (underwater barrel rolls) in mind, the Asylum is about as well-balanced a package as you can get for pure squirt performance. Though it won’t flatspin on green waves, it surfs in typically dynamic squirt fashion and performs blasting transitions (or “blastwheels”) in holes with ease. The boat can be cut extremely low and still provide a high degree of comfort thanks to the large footbumps and raised knee pockets that are a hallmark of the Asylum series. Mystery moves are easy in this boat ~it’s Jim’s first foray into short sinkers. It is very tweakable in the realm although some would say it doesn’t have the reach of longer pointier boats. But it spins faster and easier than long boats- more like an obedient acrobatic wing. The Asylum is an exceptional boat for competition – the combination of rocker, soft chines, short length and sinkability make it totally ‘bossable’. Asylum paddlers took gold at the US National Championships (Men’s Squirt), and both the Gold and Bronze medals at the 2002 PreWorld Freestyle Championships (Men’s Squirt)."



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Re: Angst squirt boat for sale - great condition

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Hi angst
Did you ever get too sell your squirt boat
I know it been a year or so
Many regards
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