Waterproof camera - Fuji Finepix XP100

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Waterproof camera - Fuji Finepix XP100

Post by fiona »

Does anyone have any experience of the Fuji Finepix XP100? I've done a search but can't find any mention of it. I'm looking to replace my old Olympus Mju which has finally given up the ghost after about 4 years of good service, and I got some Jessops vouchers fro Christmas. I like the look of the Finepix XP100 but it would be good to hear any reviews of it first, or any recommendations for other waterproof compacts around £100. I'm specifically looking for a compact which is both waterproof and shockproof, as I use it for work as well. Thanks.

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Re: Waterproof camera - Fuji Finepix XP100

Post by orkfay »

Haven't used the XP100 but have its predecessor the XP30
Good points
certainly waterproof (I swim with mine on a lanyard)
easy to use with cold hands
Not so good
Colour rendition not always accurate.
Doesn't float without additional buoyancy
Battery life is short unless you switch off the GPS

Have had Olympus Mju and Pentax prior to Fuji and like Fuji best

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Re: Waterproof camera - Fuji Finepix XP100

Post by ninjading »

I got the XP50 last summer, the 100 may be an improvement. It does appear to be waterproof, starts up reasonably quickly but is let down by it's metering ability and the picture quality. If you're not a photographer, you might be happy with it. (I am, so I'm not!) But if it's question of getting some pics, or risk drowning your DSLR... well, it's not much of a question

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Re: Waterproof camera - Fuji Finepix XP100

Post by sleepybubble »

also not the xp100 had an xp10. No real complaints took good pictures, was certainly waterproof up until the end. I used and abused mine so I prefer to say I wore it out. Parts of it still work now but other bits don't. It took a lot of knocks and has several dents in the body, so big tick on shockproof. Buttons wore out on mine and the o-ring to the battery/sd card compartment started to pass slightly which didn't help.
For a cheap and practical camera it really was great. A lot better than some of the junk available at that pricepoint.


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Re: Waterproof camera - Fuji Finepix XP100

Post by sam waites »

I've got the XP50 and have overall been impressed , (hopefully) the link below shows shots I took on my XP50 of the Walkham/Tavy in high flows recently :)

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... b5267d35d7

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Re: Waterproof camera - Fuji Finepix XP100

Post by dowdrey »

I've had a XP51 since August and have been pretty pleased with it - easy fit in BA front pocket, easy to operate with cold fingers and good range of exposure/subject options. Only issue to date has been sticky locking sliders - my fault for not washing it off in freshwater - and a bit of belated rinsing sorted them out.

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Re: Waterproof camera - Fuji Finepix XP100

Post by Gwilym »

I have had 3 x XP30s and 2 x XP 50s over a period of 3 years.

1 = Software failed and replaced on warrenty
2 = Melted by deet
3 = Broke Screen
4 = Slider locks kept sticking and then menu button jammed in and would not work
5 = 4 months old and looks like software failing again as any photos taken in auto mode are far too white. - Will send in on warrenty to get replaced.

It would be fair to say I use (abuse) them on a daily basis and and drop or submerge it most days.

So as you can see they are not perfect but they are good enough. I do have a vast number of batteries now which is very useful.

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Re: Waterproof camera - Fuji Finepix XP100

Post by simon64 »

I bought someone an XP, can't remember which one, but it was an awful camera, soft badly exposed pics, took it back in the end and got a Pentax instead, the current Pentax WG 1 and 2 worth a look, think you can get the WG1 cheap if you look.
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Re: Waterproof camera - Fuji Finepix XP100

Post by Ken_T »

I hope you used your Jessops vouchers before it was too late.

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Re: Waterproof camera - Fuji Finepix XP100

Post by Big Ade »

I've got the Fuji too.
Mine seems fine and takes reasonable pictures. I inherited a spare battery and a charger from a mates which developed a terminal leak soon after purchase. Which was lucky because my charger failed.

BUT, and sorry for the hyjack, I like trying to take pictures in bouncy situations.
The 'great shot grab the camera scenario' usually results in a watery lens and there's often not time to wipe it, and even with a cloth, it gets sodden after the first few cleanings.
I don't want an underwater case for my DSLR because it'll get damaged, I don't want a deck bag, because I hate the up-wash that deck bags bring to the face and down the neck in bouncy water.
I don't want a go-pro because I like the chance to compose scenic shots and faff about all arty sometimes so the camera needs to be faffable with.

Can anyone suggest an alternative to the wet lens problem?

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Re: Waterproof camera - Fuji Finepix XP100

Post by parafinn »

had 3 previous versions of the Fuji waterproof compacts (all bought from Jessops) ; WP??, XP10 & XP30 - each slightly larger dimensions, more pixels and more zoom.
I like the Fuji menu and now have a supply of spare compatible batteries and chargers.

It lives in my BA / jacket pocket when out in all conditions, thus at least you can take images at every opportunity, when otherwise you cannot.

See some images - optimized /reduced down in low light here: http://www.winterhighland.info/publicre ... hp?50,3183

The only niggles:
1. My XP30 has an overly sensitive "on/off" button - activating even when in my pocket - thus draining the battery. I took it back to Jessop's 1 yr ago and got it sort of fixed - but still pings on at times.
2. Movie capture is crap - but that is possibly down to the quality of the memory card?
3. The zoom is limited
4. Low light conditions render poor quality results.

Jeez ! I am no photographer - but for c. £100 you get what you pay for in waterproof compact.

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