Which video camera?

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Kate D
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Which video camera?

Post by Kate D »

I'm looking for a video camera that I can mount on a boat. Must be simple to use (cos I'm a simple person) and really waterproof. What cameras are people using?


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Re: Which video camera?

Post by active4seasons »

Hi Kate,

I have used quite a few different models. In my opinion it is best to go with a deck mount slightly raised. I have used a few different types of tripod and now buy really cheap £1.50 ones knowing they are going to give up anyway - I have used expensive ones (Gorilla) and they have broken or been destroyed by salt water - the devils work for anything metallic!

Camera wise I have used a Sanyo Xacti VPC-WH1which I don't think they make anymore - Been fantastic and still going strong. Not the cheapest and is big and bulky but great mounted on a foam block on the ddeck - too heavy from a tripod and the mount is not central.

I have also used a few digi cameras with video camera - the best in my opinion is a Olympus MJU 850 which as far as I know is the only camera with a mechanical lense cap - this has now been discontinued but if you can get one would provide a good cheap option

I am now using a Canon powershot D10 and it is excellent. Very good quality and the best bit is the tripod mount is central on the base meaning it is less likely to get knocked off line! A big consideration for me. Again a bit bulky for the BA pocket on the river say but it has been great.

I also have the Oregon ATC 9K helmet cam - again great pics but down side is lack of tripod mount so has to be strapped onto shoulder or pole etc. which does work well.

Please feel free to ask any questions and some of the results can been seen on my You Tube Channel - Active4seasons. The only one that has not been used is the ATC as I am still exploring with a decent mount. There is also nothing from the Olympus sorry as I used that years ago.

If you want to come and see them all in action I will have them at the Beadnell Demo day 10 - 4.30 on Sat 30th before the Coquet race next weekend.

See you there,

All these can be seen on the PC advisor website - just type in the search box and read the reviews.
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Re: Which video camera?

Post by johnb »

Jimski rates the ATC. You'll find a lot of people use the gopro for action shots - execellent quality, but the wide angle field of view is not so good for more general shooting.

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Re: Which video camera?

Post by Darksideup »

Kodak Playsport: very simple to use, waterproof, HD video and can be mounted on a boat with suction mount. Kodak also has the advantage of a zoom.
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Re: Which video camera?

Post by Jurassic »

If you want to just use it for footage from the front (or rear) of the boat facing towards you then the GoPro is very good (and very waterproof), however I find that type of footage very "samey" after a while so if you want a reasonably priced camera that is compact and will shoot decent footage in a variety of situations then I'd recommend the Kodak Playsport as well.
I have a GoPro and the Kodak and I rarely use the GoPro now as the Kodak is so much more versatile (the GoPro has a fixed focal length fisheye lens which is useless for anything other than close ups). The Kodak gives decent quality footage as long as you don't use the zoom to it's full extent (digital zooms have come on in recent years but are still pretty limited imho) and is waterproof enough for surface applications (be careful in surf as the extra water pressure may defeat the seals).

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Re: Which video camera?

Post by geoffm »

The latest GoPro HD2 can be used at three different fields of view, 170°, 127° and 90°. This makes it really versatile and worth considering, Kate. They are bombproof and give awesome results.

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Re: Which video camera?

Post by asmar »

I'm using the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT3. Camera specs can be found here: http://panasonic.net/avc/lumix/compact/ ... index.html

You can check out a few videos taken from the camera on the following links:

Quality is much better, the above are compressed obviously for Internet usage. Image quality is not the best but decent.

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Re: Which video camera?

Post by dhkayaking »


I use a Kodak Playsport and a Gopro. The Kodak is very good camera for the price. The footage is HD and the 5mp stills are very good too. Ive had mine for 2/3 years now and it has spent a good few days sitting in the front pocket of my wet BA with no problems.
The Gopro is good but not great for still as you have no screen. Its also not as easy to use as the Kodak.


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Re: Which video camera?

Post by heybaz »

I too use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT3.

However, my current one has given up the ghost some 18 months after purchase. One day it just turned itself off after I'd taken a shot; did this a few more times and then just refused to turn on at all. Frustratingly this was at home, not while out in a F6 somewhere!

To be fair it has had a busy life, regularly on the sea and freshwater and was showing very obvious signs of corrosion where the chrome plate (shiny bits at least) butts up against the metal body. I'm thinking galvanic corrosion? The camera was usually given a good soaking in freshwater after use on the sea, not just a quick rinse but a good 15 minutes in a bowl of water followed by a rinse in the hope that any salt was well and truly washed away.

Anyway, it has never leaked through the battery or connector covers so I'm wondering if the seal on the rotary shaft on the back of the settings dial may have given up? A bit of grit, salt crystal or corrosion products messed up the seal? Of course, it might just have died without having been subject to any kind of leak....
As I bought the camera through a retailer in Jersey getting anything sorted is taking a while; meantime I just bought another one as I think that sharpness and colour rendition for both still and video images are really good and I have plenty of spare batteries. Just a shame that the protective outer glass collects water droplets so readily!

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Re: Which video camera?

Post by watt »

Another FT3 user over here. See my sig for some samples. Although heavy use in salt water I had no problems, no dropouts, no corrosion. Good image quality, great full-HD video. Handling is fine.

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