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Ade Mould
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Post by Ade Mould »

Haven't found much on sea going food in the search box.
But have just been stung to the tune of £7.99 for one of those 'add boiling water to a bag' thingys (own fault for buying it at snow and rock where they don't put prices on stuff)
So I'm not going to test it until strictly needed.
I find I get a bit fed up with cup-a-soups and noodley things. Hence searching for alternatives.
What's your trip menu?

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Re: Food

Post by andyE »

Hear is a recent thread. Click Hear

ian the badger
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Re: Food

Post by ian the badger »,

do really tasty ready meal pouches, have tried the others and rate this stuff. Normally available in Sainsburys, or you can buy direct in bulk. Enjoy.

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Re: Food

Post by GEOFF S »

tasty accompaniment to bottle of whiskey...
pre-soak your pitta bread in sea water*
skewer soggy pitta bread on pointy stick
toast on driftwood fire
apply butter
swill mouth with whiskey

*best results if pitta left to marinade in sea water in hatch for several hours

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Re: Food

Post by eastbarnby »

Make sure you come to SKEG 2 next year ...... we do workshops on exciting expedition food !

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Re: Food

Post by Mikebelluk »

I got a dehydrator from Tchibo a couple of years ago, and it's great for meals like spag bol and chilli. [fully recommend Stagg Dynamite...!!] And even Ambrosia Rice pud dries out a treat. Just rehydrate for a couple of hours in a ziploc bac.

Alternatively look out for deals on 'Look what we found' meals in Morrisons/Sainsburys, quite often they are on special offer, however they dont tend to have a high calorific value and you may have to double up after a long day..

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Re: Food

Post by mduncombe »

On a recent 3 night paddle trip we used a combination of expedition feeds and "look what we found meals"

I am particularly fond of the Expedition foods Chicken Tikka Curry, yes it is a dehydrated meal where you just add water but I find them really tasty. Quick and simple, just boil some water and add to the bag. ... -rice.html

The highlight of the trip though was undoubtedly the Look What We Found meatballs. Cooked some spaghetti in the pan first and then let it sit in a pot cosy before heating up the meatballs. Fantastic and again all on a single burner. Plenty of sauce so you can add lots of pasta to make a tasty and filling meal ... oductID=67

Its also easy to add Smash or rice to the other Look What We Found meals and still do everything on a single burner. Just cook the rice/pasta first and keep it warm with a pot cosy while cooking the Look What We Found.

John N
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Re: Food

Post by John N »

On the reccomendation of a fellow club paddler I tried HEATER MEALS. A 300g meal comes complete with a little fork and a heating device. I bought a variety box of 6 for around £30.00 and just keep one for 'emergencies'. I can't think of much better than a hot meal for a tired swimmer.
I've found the ones I've had to be quite acceptable, if a little small. Details here.
Sadly, it looks like the price has gone up, but I think I saw them in COTSWOLD CAMPING once and with your BCU discount, that could be a steal.

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Re: Food

Post by skoobi »

Another good one is the British army Ration packs... Ideal for multi-day trips...
Heres one of the meals you can get with it (Theres 10 different meals)...

All of the menus listed also contain all of these sundries: Oatmeal Blocks, Fruit filled biscuits, Brown service biscuits, Chocolate bar - may not be a yorkie!, Boiled sweets, Jam, Vegemite, fruit grains, you also get, Instant Coffee, instant black tea, Beverage whitener, Sugar, and for your meals you get, Tabasco sauce and chewing gum for after ! Kit also contains Waterproof matches, water Purification tablets and Paper tissues

Meal 1:
For Breakfast, Bacon, Omelet and Beans, For Dinner: Cream of tomato soup and Lamb Curry with rice, For Pudding you get: Chocolate Pudding with chocolate sauce, you also get a Tuna in light mayo snack with a Lucozade Isotonic lemon drink and a Plain chocolate Drink, Plus all Sundries Mentioned above...

Meals arent too bad but then again ive never been fussy on food ive just eaten things and not given a second thaught what it tastes like my misses hates it...
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Re: Food

Post by ian johnston »

Or there's always the option to eat fresh and home made?

Here's a menu Douglas an I used for a winter bothy trip: http://mountainandseascotland.blogspot. ... -trip.html

Kind Regards


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Re: Food

Post by JezWalts »

Spent a week in the Western Isles round Bara, South Uist and Benbecula last week, the menu was varried and we carried all our food between 5 Kayaks. Breakfast consisted of Muesli, lunch was tinned Mackerel oat cakes nuts and cheese, evening meals included pasta dishes, gnocchi, chilie, curry and locally sourced scallops and mussels. We eat like kings When I get time will do a fill trip report with cooking tips.

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Re: Food

Post by p.r.unicycles »

eastbarnby wrote:Make sure you come to SKEG 2 next year ...... we do workshops on exciting expedition food !
Obviously all cooked in the most space age of technology...
Pete @ P&H sea kayaks

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