Stick-on lenses

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Stick-on lenses

Post by SteveB »

I use contacts when I'm kayaking. This makes it hard to read anything (maps, radio etc), so I have reading glasses too. It all becomes a huge faff, as I swap from sunglasses to reading glasses and back.

I've come across stick-on reading lenses at, intended for divers, but I wondered about putting them on sunglasses. Has anyone else tried them?


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Re: Stick-on lenses

Post by MikeB »

Ah, age is great isn't it? (Not)

Varifocals with photocromatic lenses are the answer. Mike

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Re: Stick-on lenses

Post by Mikebelluk »

I tried out some 'varifocal' contact lenses once. They were crap, especially when driving at night as all lights had a halo round them.
As my prescription is similar for both eyes, I wear 1 contact lens, and find that I can read maps and see distance clear.
I mentioned this to my optician and she said there shouldn't be a problem; the brain compensates automatically.
And recommend cheap Aldi sports sunglasses as I am always losing good ones to sand scratches

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Re: Stick-on lenses

Post by guy »

I second the recommendation for the mono vision contacts

get one for reading and the other eye for distance.

hold your arm out in front of you
now point at a distant object
now close 1st one eye then the other
usually you will find with one eye that you are pointing the object and the other eye you are pointing off to one side

the stronger reading contact lens goes in the eye that is open when you find you are pointing off to the side (the non dominant eye)

or enlarge your maps on the photocopier

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