surf paddle preference?

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surf paddle preference?

Post by AndyRieck »

I have been making due with my playboat in the surf for a few years and I finally got a HDP Neutron. Now I want to get a new paddle because my kober control is starting to split. Thinking about getting a 194cm werner double diamond. curious to hear peoples advice on makes and length. I am 1.8 m

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Post by younggun »

Double diamonds are great in the surf as they always float to the surface even in aerated water.
194 is very long for a surf paddle. A shorter paddle gives you more strokes per minute making it easier to catch a wave and less likely to get in the way or caught up whilst you are surfing.You do sacrifice a bit of power, although I have found a short paddle much better. I would look for a paddle between 180-185, although that is personal preference.

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Post by StoneWeasel »

My preference is for fairly powerful blades on a medium length shaft. I Currently sue use a 188cm set of H20 Teams which I just got to replace my 188cm Waterstick Karmas.

I use a 188 as a bit of a compromise as I use one set of paddles for all my paddling, if I were buying a set just for surf I would probably go for 180 - 185.

This is a bit of a personal preference thing as some use tiny paddles (I think Chris Harvey's are around 175) and some use a bit longer (Steve Bowens I believe uses 191s) but generally speaking most seem to use paddles in the 180 - 190 region.

Hope that helps,


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Post by AndyRieck »

Thanks for the tips. The only reason I might want to stay a bit longer is my paddling conditions. I surf the great lakes and I'm usually out on very windy days. I need all the power I can get when busting through sets that are very close together. You would'nt think it, but there can be some pretty big waves on lake Michigan with the right conditions!

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Post by corgimas »

my choice:
a Jackson Kayaks Kid Paddle............
(really made by Galasport)
it is a 178 cm straight shaft works great....
short so that you are not swinging a longer paddle around when you do not need to...durable as hell....and sparkley too ;)
seriously though...great paddle....carbon...and a good rpice as well....

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Post by Veedurb »

I have a set of Lendal Powermaster blades in a 170/45 setup which I get on with very well. Had them for years, an old and trusted friend!!
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Post by Robson »

Check out the new Double Dutch Atomic FS; excellent paddle for surf.

A super strong Carbon-Kevlar crankshaft and a bombproof carbon foam core blade,

Really Bouyant, powerful & strong.

Contact Sander here.
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Post by pearcy »

Not sure if you have seen this: ... hp?t=25153

I'm 6ft tall. Bought a Slalom 'Twister' paddle from here:

I went for 180cm length, stiff glass / carbon 'ladies' blades (they usually suggest X-large for men) on a soft shaft. This was based on the need for good acceleration and reduced strain on my joints when getting trashed! The blades also have a fairly smooth profile on the back for those outrigger carving bottom turns.

I'm really happy with them, though my roll technique must be spot on due to the reduced power.


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Robson chilli

Post by yellowboy »

Go Robson Chillis all the way. They're like shovels and have so much power!And they are soooooooooo light!! I've got 180's for most conditions but use my 185's to get more reach onb bigger days, I agree with Dense though, it's really down to personal preference- I used 193 for years and they were fine, but I'm definately feeling the benefit of a little stick!

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Post by Cornholio »

Anyone ever split and rejoined a Werner? I've got a 194 powermaster for my river runner, but the original paddle I got with it was a Rio with fairly small blades (super flexi crap nylon blades) in 194 length. Don't suppose it would be too difficult to cut some out the middle(enough there to do it before the shaft starts shaping towards the finger guides) and get a permanent glued/bolted/screwed spigot made out of something suitable?
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Post by Darryl »

Yep, i've split and joined a Werner, got the guys at work to turn down a spigot from 6061 aluminium and it fitted really sweetly in the shaft. Bonded it in with Epoxy. Length of the spigot was about 12cm I think. This is definitely possible but obviously the spigot needs to be a snug fit in the cut shaft.


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