Survey about Seals

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Chris Bolton
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Survey about Seals

Post by Chris Bolton »

The survey link posted below is nothing to do with me, I'm reposting it from another (non-paddling) forum as it's not getting many responses there and it's to help a marine biology student, and has some interesting prompts about seals. Some of the questions are specific to the Solent, but I think you can ignore those if you never go there. ... sp=sf_link

Any queries ask the author, not me!
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Re: Survey about Seals

Post by seawolf856 »

Bit of a weird survey. I paddle mainly in North Wales and Scotland so I know nothing about the Solent or its seal population, but I've had a go at it because we have a good number of seals around the N.Wales coast and when I was paddling there last Sunday we saw that there are already loads of new pups on the small beaches in hidden coves, so I believe very strongly in seal protection.
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