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Three piece Romany Surf sizes ?

Posted: Fri Oct 08, 2021 10:10 pm
by andynormancx
Does anyone have a three piece Romany Surf who can tell me the actual sizes of the three parts ?

(I guess the size I really care about is the length of the centre section)

We did ask the factory, but they were a little on the vague side...

Re: Three piece Romany Surf sizes ?

Posted: Sat Oct 09, 2021 12:18 pm
by RickC

NDK three-piece kayaks are built to conform to maximum airline luggage dimensions so the largest section will be a maximum of 190cm and usually a little less to allow for protective bags/packing.

Cheers Rick

Re: Three piece Romany Surf sizes ?

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2021 2:22 pm
by andynormancx
"a maximum of 190cm" was what the factory said, but that isn't that useful.

We're looking at various campervans and many of them have storage space that is 185cm to around 190cm in length. So I was hoping for a more accurate measurement on what the max Surf length will be, so I can actually work out whether the vans we're looking at are big enough or not.

I mean sure, we could rule out any van with less than 190cm, but that is most of them and we'd be ruling out van that might actually fit if I knew the true measurements.

Re: Three piece Romany Surf sizes ?

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2021 2:39 pm
by Chris Bolton
I wouldn't necessarily depend on the length being the same between different boats; the factory are building them to a maximum but it will be a substantially manual operation. So you probably need two people to tell you what theirs measure, only only depend on that if they are the same.

Re: Three piece Romany Surf sizes ?

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2021 10:03 pm
by RickC
First of all, there is no such thing as a standard three-piece. Each boat is built to the exact requirements of the customer. The key limiting factor is the distance between the front and rear (not sloping) bulkheads. It is possible to reduce the length of the cockpit section (by reducing the distance from the seat to the front bulkhead) but you will need to be measured in a standard Surf to guarantee the desired result. Using the front bulkhead instead of footrests can reduce the mid-section length. Where the cuts are positioned on NDK three piece kayaks can be modified to a certain degree to suit the paddler but deck fittings are part of the mould so a cut cannot pass through this, so it has to either be deleted or relocated. It's theoretically possible to reduce the day hatch by moving the rear bulkhead forward but I've never seen this done. I'd recommend that you visit an experienced dealer to ensure what you want is what you will end up with - that's what the dealers are for. It's like ordering a tailor-made suit rather than off-the-peg. It will require a lot of time to optimise to the smallest possible length, so make friends with your dealer and be nice to them as they will be spending a disproportionate amount of time with you, and complicated custom orders are often a real PITA to get right.

The SKUK factory are flat out trying to fulfil an increase in worldwide demand so are unlikely to be in a position to give anything other than broad advice. The current lead times for custom orders (to UK dealers) is at least six months. So if you're in a hurry you could always build a Shrike to fit the constraints of your choice of motorhome.

Best of luck, Rick

Re: Three piece Romany Surf sizes ?

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2021 11:06 am
by jamesl2play
I am not if this will help but to give you a bit of perspective.
The centre section of my Taran 16 is 1830 long which fits with the NDK information. It fits neatly across the bike rack on my motorhome.
The front and rear sections fit perfectly under the fixed bed which lifts up on gas struts.
The rear section has the rudder attached and it all still fits under the bed.