Rainbow Kayaks

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Atlanticway Paddle
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Rainbow Kayaks

Post by Atlanticway Paddle »

Hi what’s the deal with Rainbow Kayaks?
Are they any good.
I can’t find much about them , what’s the plastic like HDP , MDP or worse.
They are Italian I gather.
They seem to have some decent shapes, but I’m unwilling to buy without some knowledge.
Anyone here have any experience or stories to share regarding this Brand?

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Re: Rainbow Kayaks

Post by twopigs »

Paddled one of their expedition sea kayaks a couple of years ago - the plastic seemed a bit soft compared to P&H plastic, it felt wide and sluggish compared to a Scorpio but very stable as you might expect of a "wider" boat. I guess you get what you pay for!!
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Re: Rainbow Kayaks

Post by Ceegee »

I've paddled a rental in Greece. They really are generic tubs, not particularly sharp lines, fast or structurally stable. I'd be inclined to give them a miss for UK waters unless its basically for a bit of cheap bimbling off the local beach.
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Re: Rainbow Kayaks

Post by lennart »

Rainbow makes an number of different boats. and Dragorossi is comming form the same factory. Their kayakrange is sinlge layer. Their Laser is used by many rentalfleet/guided tours in the medetarian. reasons: sturdy, easy to paddle for a beginner price space for stuff. it will get you from a to b and so on. there are nicer boats on the planet. I think that if you are on a budget the Rtm Ysak is a slightly better option. Or a second hand . Currnetly it is hard to find any boat that will fit your needs. Patience is a great thing.
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