Mediterranean Kayaking Locations

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Mediterranean Kayaking Locations

Post by Speedbump »

When the present COVID situation has passed and travel is back to normal, I am intending to treating myself to a kayaking holiday.
I am leaning towards Eastern Mediterranean / Adriatic.
I would like to call on the experience of this forum for some suggestions.
Ideal place would be warm seas, nice location and most importantly be able to hire a sea kayak and equipment on a daily basis. I am not looking for group trips, just somewhere I can hire a kayak and explore myself.
Looking forward to reading your replies.

Thank you in advance

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Re: Mediterranean Kayaking Locations

Post by Pedro75 »

I’ll keep an eye on this as we’re thinking the same!

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Douglas Wilcox
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Re: Mediterranean Kayaking Locations

Post by Douglas Wilcox »

I found the Twelve Islands/Gocek/Fethiye/Oludeniz area of Turkey much too hot to paddle any distance in July and I would not have cared to paddle any distance first two weeks of September either. It is a lovely limestone coast though.





Chris Bolton
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Re: Mediterranean Kayaking Locations

Post by Chris Bolton »

I have heard very good reports of on the island of Milos. I haven't paddled with Rod personally, but have paddled with people who have been on his trips. I've also paddled in that area, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Santorini, but we hired boats from another operator who doesn't seem to be in business any more. In 2006, when we went, the authorities didn't like you paddling more than 2 miles offshore (Ios to Santorini was potentially dodgy at 12 miles). I don't know the situation now, but I'm sure Rod will know how to get the best paddling without getting into trouble.

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Re: Mediterranean Kayaking Locations

Post by Ceegee »

I can only but highly recommend Rod's outfit, paddled twice with him, once just daily hire for two days, once a dedicated weeks circumnavigate of milos.

Sardinia is supposed to be excellent, but for ease of access flights or drive, Spain takes some beating. Both Cap de Creus - contact Marc Martin Alcober - via Sea Kayaking UK, or Mallorca. Rentals here are limited but two decent ones are and

Of course it all depends on what happens re travel this summer
Steve C. G.

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Re: Mediterranean Kayaking Locations

Post by twopigs »

Crete can be nice .....
Canoeing - bigger boat, broken paddle, more skill!

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Re: Mediterranean Kayaking Locations

Post by SJD »

I do not have a specific reply but this video may provide some inspiration. Girls go Round: Corsica

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Re: Mediterranean Kayaking Locations

Post by heybaz »

Contact Stelios at as Two Pigs suggests above.

I believe that he now has boats available at Hora Sfakion in the south of the island. I've paddled the island quite extensively, especially in the south, and highly recommend it. Plenty of little fishing villages, tavernas, coffee and lunch stops with good coastal scenery. Stelios is well organised and has plenty of top quality kit...

Wherever you end up, enjoy!

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Re: Mediterranean Kayaking Locations

Post by swagstaff »

Highly recommend contacting Pep on Mallorca

ian the badger
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Re: Mediterranean Kayaking Locations

Post by ian the badger »

The Aeolian Isles off the coast of Sicily is one of my favourites

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Re: Mediterranean Kayaking Locations

Post by Jonathan. »

Adriana from gets my vote.

People keep going back because everything is top quality - coaching and guiding, location, boats, and the atmosphere.

Highly recommended.

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