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Best Type of Glue for different boat issues

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:02 pm
by kayakbiker
I would be grateful for best advice for the following issues

I have a plastic RM boat and its decal is slighly peeliing off. Apart from replacing is there a good glue for re attaching the original. I have had this happen on warning stickers in my kayaks cockpit but this is one of the main decals.

considering fitting my bilge pump into the cockpit of my fibreglass boat but as I may change the position of this bilge pump later on can anyone recommend a glue or sealant that can easily be removed.without damaging/scratching the fibreglass to bits. I have used Soudaflex with PE boats before but believe this may not work with fibreglass


Re: Best Type of Glue for different boat issues

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:23 pm
by eskapist
Hi kayakbiker, your boat is most likely to be HDPE, which is notoriously difficult to get a good bond, and the decals most likely are vinyl with acrylic adhesive, so I suggest using 3M 468 Transfer Tape.
Gently peel back a little more decal, clean both surfaces, especially the decal which quite likely will have bits stuck to it, place a sheet of tape cut to the shape required, get that smoothly bonded one the boat, remove the second backing paper and carefully roll the decal back in place, taking care to smooth out any air bubbles as you go.

Regarding the second, I would suggest that you us a polyurethane based rubber adhesive such as Sikaflex, there are several other brands of this type of material which will provide a strong bond between dissimilar materials and can be cut away when required using a Stanley knife. (it's the type of glue used on car windscreen).

Re: Best Type of Glue for different boat issues

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:25 am
by Jim
1. I would just peel it and forget it, I assume it is on a flat (rather than textured) area, in which case try clear self adhesive vinyl over the top (or fablon, or 'sticky backed plastic'). If the PE is badly scratched up a flash over with a blowtorch can sometimes smooth out scratches but it is a fine art and there is risk of just burning the sticker!

2. I've never bothered glueing my bilge pumps in, I don't completely understand the question! I'm assuming this is for an electric pump which picks up water from its own base? Probably the deepest part of your boat is under the seat, run the outlet hose under your seat and then push the pump spigot into the end and pull the hose back until the pump is up against the front of the seat and down on the bottom of the boat, then route your hose to the skin fitting such that it holds the pump in that position. If you decide to move it later, just experiment with how you run the hose to position the pump. if you really need to hold the pump down, or the hose, just laminate some bits of cord or webbing to the hull in strategic places (a patch of glass tape and resin on each end, leaving a loop in the middle which isn't glued down) and lace it down with shock cord or something. Most of the time using bits of foam to wedge the hose in position under the seat will do the trick. Having said that, the pump in my Taran is behind the seat and I can't picture how it is secured because it doesn't rattle. I may have glued some stainless eyes to the hull with thickened epoxy and laced it down - I have tried stainless eyes but they have a habit of popping off, cord or webbing eyes are much better, the stainless ones would probably work better if I glassed over the ends but the idea at the time was to try to avoid that. I definitely used stainless eyes to strap the battery box down in the Taran and most of them popped off. The contact area of the glass patch is the key to security, and abrade the fibreglass hull first to make a mechanical key for the bond.
If you glue the pump down with Sikafex of other PU you will most likely end up having to cut the PU to get it off, it will be possible using a chisel or something, but always more awkward than you expect. I'd rather have permanently attached loops that I can use in different ways to strap the pump in different places.

Re: Best Type of Glue for different boat issues

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:09 pm
by kayakbiker
Thanks to both of you for the advice. A lot of really good ideas there. Cheers

Jim you must have read my mind as the front of the seat is where I'm thinking about locating the electric pump. There was plenty of room at the back of the seat in my old Delphin but not much in my new Atlantic. Looks like i may need to put the battery box in the day hatch for this reason too.
I'm not keen in driling holes in new boats but a pump is part of the safety kit in my view

Thanks again.