Dry cags for women?

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Caol Ila
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Dry cags for women?

Post by Caol Ila »

I've been scouring the web for a dry cag, having spent the last year and a half or so being the ultimate punter, kayaking in my mountaineering jacket, and thinking I should probably get something intended for boating.

However, the choices for women seem frustratingly limited (as with lots of outdoor gear). I can get away with men's smalls for things where the fit doesn't matter that much, but I'm about 5'4, so men's gear doesn't work that well for things where the fit does matter.

I'd like to avoid latex if I can. I've worn drysuits before and didn't find it that comfortable. We're mostly touring flat water in a big Sea Eagle 380 at all times of year, but will do some low grade white water in it in the summer. I know it's a trade off with breathability and waterproofness, and I'm looking at touring jackets as I'd rather be a bit damp on an unambitious river than overheated paddling on a loch or the sea.

Do any of the petite women here (or their partners) have any recommendations?

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Re: Dry cags for women?

Post by keith_w »


I noticed you have received no replies so I thought I would make a couple of suggestions. My Partner is 5ft 4 and has a Palm touring cag, a palm dry suit which are both women's specific and a Peak shot sleeve touring cag which is a small or extra small mens. she seem to get on with all of these. I have Kokatat stuff (mens) but they also do an extensive range of women's specific clothing and other equipment but they are quite expensive when compared to the Palm kit but do work very well.

I hope this helps and apologies if you have already look at these.

https://palmequipmenteurope.com/product ... gned%3A298

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Re: Dry cags for women?

Post by SJD »

If you have access or don’t mind ordering Kokatat has a nice selection of woman’s specific paddling clothing.

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Re: Dry cags for women?

Post by Eisor »

Hiya. I'm 5ft 2 and weigh about 60kg. I find the small Peak cags and trousers fit me well and they are not gender specific. They are also very hard wearing and last a long time if looked after :)

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Re: Dry cags for women?

Post by rockhopper »

You could try the Reed Chillcheater ones. They have an option for putting in your own measurements and don't use latex. I have had a couple of tops by them that are the ones I always use and I have had them over 4 years without problems. They are very light and don't feel restrictive. You can also wash them in a washing machine...very handy!


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Re: Dry cags for women?

Post by Ken_T »

I am not a petite lady, but I use a Reed Chillcheater bespoke shortie cag (when not using a Damex drysuit). Both companies produce bespoke clothing to your measurements & I have found their products fit well & work well.

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