Recommend me a PLB

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Recommend me a PLB

Post by SiKenn »

There are quite a few PLB's out there and am after some recommendations please. Personal experience is so much more valuable than searching the 'net sometimes!

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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by jamesl2play »

Ok I will go first.
ACR ResQLink as recomended to me by my local chandler.

Not used it 'yet' so cannot comment on whether it works.
It gets replaced for free if I have to use it.

Thumbs up to Plan B Charity who persuauded me to buy one.

Chris Bolton
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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by Chris Bolton »

I bought a McMurdo 210 Fastfind about 8 years ago, and had the battery replaced and the unit serviced after 5 or 6 (£80). You can't do the battery or service yourself, I had to post it away, but the company were spot on and had it back within the week. I'm not sufficiently familiar with the current models to make a recommendation (the ResQLink James mentions sounds as if it has advantages over the Fastfind) but I suggest you consider:

a) Size and waterproofness. Mine been in my BA pocket and is fine.
b) Easy to deploy. The Fastfind requires taking the top off, unwinding the antenna and holding it with the antenna upright, and I'm not 100% sure about that if I was in the water.
c) Maintenance, testing and battery replacement; what does it cost, who can do it? Most have a self-test, but check whether that tests the GPS and the distress transmission, or just the GPS. If it's testing the transmission, you're supposed to do it in a specific time window, to minimise the risk of it being mistaken for a real emergency.

There are a few threads on here which are worth reading, Search should find them.

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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by rockhopper »

The latest McMurdo 220 uses GPS and Galileo and is very compact. Got rid of my bulky Max G Fastfind and replaced with one of these. Fits in my BA pocket easily. I'm not sure that the ACR offers anything different however i am reassured by the fact that McMurdo have been around for quite some years and are well respected for their products.


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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by Northern Blue »

Another McMurdo Fastfind 220 user, except I opted for their Ranger model, which was confirmed by McMurdo as being exactly the same technical spec as the FF220, but has a more robust case, which keeps mine a bit safer when I use it in the mountains.

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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by dorsetyeti »

I have the RescueMe PLB1, you just pull out the antenna, lift the flap and press the button, it's tiny and Solas approved, also use it in the mountains and it's pretty robust
Cheers me dears

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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by moiserland »

I got one of these ... hz-gps-plb

it attaches to my auto inflating life jacket I wear if out solo. Haven't needed to use it in anger fortunately and I seem to remember paying about half that price as listed

with the small ones the battery obviously doesn't last as long, would recommend having a bigger one also mounted in the vessel depending on the application but its ceratainly small and light and came with a holster, this is for a MOB scenario for me
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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by seawolf856 »

Another vote for the RescueMe PLB1. Very small and very easy to use. No excuse for never having with you.

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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by Anastu »

And another vote for Rescueme PLB1. Tiny. Long battery. Easy to register. Easy to use. Floats in its pouch.

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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by andyinthorne »

I have a fast find - lives in my BC, had it 3 years without fault - but never used in anger. would like to hear if anyone has had to use theirs, especially if it was used in another country then it was registered at. I recently took mine to the arctic, completely forgot to change it from uk registration...... thankfully didn't need to use it, but very interested in anyone with experience es of use?

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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by brian_m »

Andy, the whole idea is that they work worldwide and you don't need to register it wherever you're going. The UK authorities will deal with it and contact more local help as required.
I've fortunately never had to use my PLB but once accidentaly set of an EPIRB while sailing near Greenland (it was water activated and got wet). The UK coastguard quickly contacted the registrered contact who phoned my sat phone. The distress situation was quickly cancelled and the EPIRB dried. I am confident that if this was a real distress that help would be provided near enough as quickly as if the EPIRB/PLB was reqistered locally - help is unlikely to be quick in this part of the world anyway.

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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by pugwash »

I was going to post something, but if you look at what Chris Bolton wrote, and replace the 8 years with 10 years, it’s exactly what I would have written...

Chris Bolton
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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by Chris Bolton »

I took mine to Canada, and was advised that it's a good idea to tell your home registry that you're taking it abroad, where & when. Doing so means that when the foreign registry contact them, they can immediately confirm that you are indeed in their country, and that saves time validating it as a genuine call.

Dave Gorman
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Re: Recommend me a PLB

Post by Dave Gorman »

ACR Rescue me, is my choice

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