Dry Suits - Sea Paddling

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Dry Suits - Sea Paddling

Post by james45 »

I am replacing my drysuit (Lomo Renegade), as after 4 and a half year's of service it is beginning to get a bit porous.

A Peak Explorer and Palm Atom have just arrived on my door step. I am interested in other's experience of;

- durability of either of these
- how water tight the neoprene neck seal is on the Peak... I am only anticipating the occasional bit of rolling practise
- other recommended alternatives

I will be using it for sea paddling, generally a weekend away once a month and a 1-2 week annual trip to Scotland.

Thanks - James

John Goldhurst
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Re: Dry Suits - Sea Paddling

Post by John Goldhurst »

Another alternative is the kokatat Endurance semi Dry Suit.
I have mine for four years and its holding up very well.

https://kokatat.com/product/gore-tex-en ... uit-dsugen

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Re: Dry Suits - Sea Paddling

Post by EdSmith »

Can't comment on durability (haven't used it enough), for the Peak;

- Neck is very comfortable, wouldn't want to go back to latex
- Upper body movement is nicely unrestricted
- can easily don single handed

- Leg zipper can very occasionally partly pop when doing a heel/leg hook cockpit re-entry during a rescue, if caught / pressed on by the thigh brace. Getting the teeth back together to run the zipper and then escape the suit is then a real fiddly pain. Wouldn't want to have to deal with that in wet, windy, and cold conditions, if already tired/cold.
- some water does get in when rolling through the neck, obviously a good burp gets in if you forget to cinch the neck down before hand.
- Harder to change layering under the suit...once your in it your in it, unless of course you completely get out of it.
- upper body pockets by the ribs are predominantly inaccessible and just increase weight and bulk, and drying faff
- leg zip system increases volume by the ankle and for the whole lower leg, hard to use the suit with wellies...which may or may not be important to you.
- the fabric socks are huge and will obviously need to be treated gently

Other if you have brought an older version (which I have).
- non-zip away hood can become a bucket of water at the end point of a roll (depending on roll)
- leg pockets again increase weight, bulk and drying the suit 'faff'

- Overall moisture transition is on par with the lomo....i.e no where close to goretex, but not too bad.

on the rocks
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Re: Dry Suits - Sea Paddling

Post by on the rocks »

I have the Peak Adventure drysuit, which unlike EdSmith's Explorer has a shoulder zip entry instead of the leg zip.

I agree with Ed's comments on the neoprene neck. With rolling / rescue practice I do get a little dampness around the shoulders but not unpleasant even in cold water and worth putting up with for the comfort and ability to breathe a bit in hot weather.

The Adventure is easy to put on and can be zipped single handed so long as I remember to lube the zip, the pee zip works fine too. I like being able to pop my head, shoulders and arms out of the suit during a sunny lunch stop.

The legs are comfortable and don't snag on entry or exit without all the extra zips and pockets etc of the Explorer.

The socks are very big but no problem when carefully stuffed into Peak neoprene boots.

I've had less than 20 days in it so can't really comment on durability but it does seem to be well made.

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Re: Dry Suits - Sea Paddling

Post by swagstaff »

I have the Peak Adventure with the shoulder entry and find it works really well. very comfortable and the peak material is very hard wearing. Yes I get a wee bit damp just around the neck but its worth it. great value for money and Peak have a great repair service in the UK.

Northern Blue
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Re: Dry Suits - Sea Paddling

Post by Northern Blue »

james45 wrote:
Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:30 pm
- other recommended alternatives........
My Typhoon MS4 was excellent value for money, until I damaged my shoulder in a head on road traffic collision and the shoulder entry became problematic on solo paddles.

I sold it and upgraded to the waist entry, Typhoon PS 330 Extreme, which is an awesome suit which I can highly recommend.

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Re: Dry Suits - Sea Paddling

Post by brian_m »

I've recently replaced my Lomo drysuit with a Typhoon PS 330 Extreme. Only used it a few times so far so don't know about durability but can recommend it otherwise.

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Re: Dry Suits - Sea Paddling

Post by gethroberts »

Check out the Artistic Perino and North Cape drysuits. They will become more common in the UK, now that Lyon Equipment is distributing them... I am getting a Perino very soon - and I'm quite excited to try it out!


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Re: Dry Suits - Sea Paddling

Post by Ken_T »

I have changed to a Damex dry suit which seems very durable & water tight.

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Re: Dry Suits - Sea Paddling

Post by charleston14 »

Peak; super comfy, easy to put on, neck seal fine but do note that the tightness of the neck seal is adjustable. Good hood and a pee zip too, so you’re sorted if the sky leaks or you do.

Damex : bombproof, probably far more long term abrasion resistance than a peak drysuit. Less fancy looking, but they’d take a hammering.

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