English words, sort of English language. Environments love of food and need to remain clean

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English words, sort of English language. Environments love of food and need to remain clean

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Without attempt to antagonize anyone, I was brought up with a Welsh and an Australian flag and a love of sharing our waterways. The Welsh flag to me is classically marine based. The green Starboard indicating right of way if you choose to obey basic a basic common background and the red dragon which helps remind us; drag on, approaching port, maintain control. The Australian flag is a beauty too. At night time, with darkness upon us and need to maintain direction, the Southern Cross; the centre of a southern hemisphere sighted accurate galactic time piece, is near enough to being viewed as South. Often easier to find than a compass reading.
We were raised near the water, taught to understand nature is law. Without our carbon based planet we would not be allowed the use of life.
I did not know neither Granddad lifestyles until after they had past yet I knew they were kind men.
Past granddad Jack was a Deacon as well as an engineer. He built many steam engines as well as electrical machines. On the night of the very rare super sized blood moon last February, he passed away.
Past granddad Warrant Officer Class 1 Regimental Sergeant Major David James had been ordering men in the British armed forces. When widow grandma Dudonni fell ill I organized a plane flight to visit. Upon arrival she had past with many weeks having already gone. What surprised me was that a rare cousin of the great white shark washed ashore in the UK. The shark was a rare tropical species and it was during the cold months. It’s quite bizarre, because following months, on the weekend of my birthday the media showed a 20 footer swimming near shore up in the UK.
The intelligence of they is amazing. 20 or 30 years ago, I was lucky to watch a human murderer of about 18-20 feet swim below a sail boat. Although I asked, we did not give chase such that I could have a gawk because I was not allowed to antagonize him. That stuck with me.
It’s just weird because I’ve been circled by a dolphin pod while swimming in known big shark deep water until I was almost ashore and I guess they did such because I was swimming with a canine and canines are known as natural shark scent attraction. I held her, if she had been bitten, I would have been bitten. The local waters here are awesome and as children we would swim 400metres off shore to jump of a 4 leg triangular beacon that had many different height platforms. Even on the day that hearsay was 5 4-6 metre Whites the other side of the harbour heads. Harbour heads.1km away.
Animals love food! They don’t hunt us. I’m not brave. If they show up, I take off. They have some food down here. Sting rays with wing spans greater than 8 feet are probably yummy. The smaller sharks probably enjoy the nursery feeds such as 4 foot across Eagle Rays.
It is not chore here but common sense to keep the water clean hence I love my sailboat and paddle craft education. Sea kayaks are perfect because if not endangering me; eg storm play, it is extremely easy to glide past and pick up rubbish from the water. It has been fairly clean lately, I belief the last 3 trips of 14km, 14km, 4km have resulted in all seen rubbish collected. That equals 1 piece, 1 piece and 3 pieces.
Yet... last season the local dolphins birthed 7 calves. 3 are playing today. We humans need to continue our best abilities and keep our water well.
Did I tell you I am merely a truck driver? During primary school I drew a picture of a truck as per art homework. My friend Glen wrote his name on it, an argument occurred. My name was also on it having done the work. We used to swim across the boat marina often to shorten the journey to the beacon. Glen was bitten by a shark in the marina. Sucked in... No permanent damage. A small dog shark. Some of those creatures know our language and most of us don’t want to obey their language. They are much like water. A little effort goes a long way because they know their home well and we do get seen. Sometimes annoying. Last night time paddle I was shipping bricks because some idiot bumped me. I haven’t a skirt, I cannot roll, yet it is nice to know they actually care and understand harmony ... sometimes... I merely guess that because I pick up rubbish and stuff, they don’t feel intimidated...
I don’t know much, just thankful that it appears that many more must be doing a similar thing because not that many years ago I could and would easily fill a garbage bag (while walking riverside).
I wear a tracking device attached to my facial bone, I physically broke this with my own fist and I am unsure whether the thing is operational... I believe that because I pay taxes I should have a small say and I know that if we parliament 4 indigenous men that a preferred say and hopefully do of my earnings should benefit us, normal humble beings with regards to our safety, a protected ecosystem. Sometimes awful but usually easy to admire when using a small vessel such as a kayak.

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Re: English words, sort of English language. Environments love of food and need to remain clean

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I’m outta here..

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Re: English words, sort of English language. Environments love of food and need to remain clean

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WOW Can't say I'm in a position to disagree with any of that, but I want some of what he's on :-)

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