North Shore Kayaks

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Tom the Dane
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North Shore Kayaks

Post by Tom the Dane »

Hi everyone!

Mike Nelson of North Shore Sea Kayaks retired last years or so. Valley has been producing the North Shore kayaks for some time now.
Does anybody know if Valley continue to produce North Shore boats after Mike Nelson has retired?? I ask as I would like to purchase an Ocean 17.6 at
some stage!



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Re: North Shore Kayaks

Post by swagstaff »

Hi Tom, Sea Kayak Oban have one left in stock made by Mike with a yellow deck for £1995 ... -p65624703

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Re: North Shore Kayaks

Post by PhilBar »

Hi Tom,
earlier in the year I read about a new kayak company called Evolution Sea Kayaks. I believe Mike Nelson designed their kayaks, the 'Voyager' was based on the Northshore Ocean design and the 'Nomad' based on the Atlantic. I really liked the look of the Voyager and once my tennis elbow is finally mended I was thinking of treating myself to a shiny new kayak and the Voyager was at the top of my list to try!
I really liked their Facebook page too (, as it was always being updated with lovely tempting photos of their kayaks. Unlike the Valley Facebook page which hasn't changed for ages!
Unfortunately they have just wound-up the company, but according to the last Facebook post it states that Northshore will be continuing to make what are basically updated versions of the Ocean and Atlantic. So I presume Northshore/Valley are still going strong?

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